It’s Fall. Time for a fall guy. Passport break-ins.

It is almost fall. It is ripe time for a fall guy. A few months before ppl figured out that Obama had never been vetted as a citizen eligible for the presidency, a story emerged indicating that federal level passport accounts for Obama, McCain, and Mrs. Clinton had been breached.

This was, to borrow an Obama phrase, “fishy.” Neighbors should have instantly reported all such activity to But instead, the story got a few ripples of media coverage, and skulked off into some long-term “investigation.”

Then, the birth certificate issue emerged. Nothing from this passport story could be related and explored, since it was under investigation. Yeah, right – like they can’t spend three days and figure out who opened what files?

Here is an early story, noting numerous infiltrations:

The story has taken its own sweet time. A few fall guys have gotten in trouble. Obviously, it takes a long time to investigate and put any connections together. Like this: the contracting company managing the computer system is/was “The Analysis Corporation.” CEO is John Brennan. Brennan is on record as a donor to the Obama campaign. Even better: he has been an adviser to Obama in the prez campaign.

Google some of those terms to explore this tangled web.

It looks like they have a few fall guys. Most recently “Kevin M. Young, 42, of Temple Mills, Maryland.”

Why is it that every time you look into one of these stories with my party, you find something fishy? Why is it never justĀ a plain old break-in, like with whomever peeked at Britney Spears’ medical records?

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