Spambama? Obama getting quite desperate now.

Our party’s leader continues to careen around DC as a loose cannon. Spraying the countryside with the desperate healthcare half-truths through spam? How nu-tech. Typically, federal laws would guide a prez, and violations would be well-planned, with plenty of subterfuge, and a fall guy lined up. Obama is so fresh and raw that he has not learned a lot of these lessons. He just acts. One of these episodes is gonna stick. It might be Spamgate, easily a violation of the spam laws. I am embarrassed on behalf of my party: there are people who believe this range of behaviors and policies are representative of the democratic party, not those of a marxist socialist communist. It will take a lot to get U.S., and the dem party, back on track once Spambama finally gets caught and pinned-down for overstepping the rule of law. In the meantime, hey, ya can’t blame the guy for going for it while he has the chance. The marxists are way behind schedule and need to make up a lot of time.

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