“I should have asked to see the gulags when I was in U.S.S.R”

Ha, Ha. It was really funny when Pete Seeger figured out that his dreamy-eyed socialism was something else in reality. Hippies growing flowers for fun and profit, with each rewarded according to his effort. But someone has to be in charge of measuring effort in this topdowntopia.

Capitalism: He who has the gold makes the rules.

Socialism: He who makes the rules gets the gold.

How long before Obama’s followers are crying, “We should have asked to see the gulags!”

Where are the gulags inĀ Obama’s current repeat of history?

My predictions: First: Commiting to John 10:5 will get ya 5-to-10 in the internment camp for not acknowledging the Obameritocracy. Second: Not agreeing to the Mao-Holdren Second Child Left Behind plan will invoke the “family-planning fine.”


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