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Newsweek Declares: Obama O-Gone-A. Oct 21, 2009

Newsweek Declares: Obama O-Gone-A
The beginning of the end. In your grocer’s freezer: Newsweek frontpage: “Why Joe is No Joke.” Where did this come from?
October 21: Newsweek’s current print edition has a cover picture of VP Joe lookin good. And the screaming title: Biden Is No Joke.

Why throw this in front of everybody now? Now?

Because Obama is O-Gone-A. Newsweek has sized up the state of affairs in the Oval Office and figured out that PLIDs [progressives liberals democrats] are becoming disenchanted with the Czar Czar. Health reform AKA health Care Reform AKA Cost Savings AKA Insurance Reform AKA Comparative Efectiveness Research is not gonna fly.

If they push something through, it will be a Pyrrhic victory: a lot of good will and electoral mandate will be obviously misguided, the resulting plan will not make things better, and special interests, including the tort lawyers, will have yet again played politics as usual. Who influenced whom will be revealed in a feeding frenzy of finger-pointing.

If they don’t push health care through, the wind will be gone from Obama’s sails.

Finally: currently, a case is proceeding against Obama in FEDERAL court regarding his abject refusal to disclose that which the govt, reasonably, asks of each and every one of us when appropriate: you have been randomly selected – please submit to the extended search before you board this airplane.

Just kidding. It is much less severe, much less intrusive, much less drastic than the plane-search:
show your birth certificate.

So: either abject failure in health care reform, or the revelation that Frank Marshall Davis is the BabyDaddy, or some other confirmation of this great charade, will put the DNC in a position to promote someone else as the nominee for the next POTUS.

Either way:

I am declaring it here first: Obama Is O-Gone-A.

Why is Newsweek NOW running an article declaring Joe Is No Joke?

To set him up as either:

the candidate for president from his position as VP, OR

The candidate for re-election as president, if it is discovered that Obama simply cannot properly verify that he is Constitutionally eligible to be president, and Biden gets appointed to the Prez position per Constitution.

[The communists hate that Constitution. That is why Sunstein has written so many books  – lousy – about re-writing the Constitution, and why pseudo- PLIDs have tried to raise the flag of re-writing the Constitution to see how many salute – sic Herlihy Chicago-Kent Law Review 2006 volume 81.]

What the PLIDs want is one thing. What the DNC wants is another. These overlap. But the issue of keeping maintained power is crucial to PeloDNCi.

So, they need to “position” an heir apparent.

There are two choices.

Joe. Hillary.

hilary would be a great nominee for heir-apparent. If only she were not AT THE MOMENT falling flat on her face on the international-diplomat stage.

She has had TWO recent identity crisis moments on the world stage. And she does not strongly believe in channeling, so she was unable to support her cred by declaring the ability to channel the former president.

Plus there is that PUMA thing. Cuts both ways.

Plus: the opportunity to have the person walk from the presidential position to the presidential position.

If we PLIDs think that way, then that leaves us with Biden.

And, honestly, we have watched youtube. We agree with the conservative critics: Joe is a joke.

So – what is a puppet media outlet to do?

Vote early and vote often.

Well before campaign time, develop a portrayal of Biden as No Joke.

Hence this week’s Newsweek cover story. Now. As Health Care is about to end the Dream of Obama’s Father. Before it is revealed that the birthers deserve more respect than the warmers.

The Powers-That-Be have planned: Set up Biden BEFORE 1. health reform fails OR 2. it is legally decided that Obama fails to meet eligibility as POTUS (either by refusing to present an actual birth certificate in one of these court cases, or because the BC proves his favorite song truly is “L’Internationale”).


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