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Govt co-opts your retirement money, tells you what to do with it. Nice.

this is gonna go over really well.

“Government Grab of Retirement Accounts a Matter of ‘Social Justice’ ”


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Twenty-five years!?!?! We have been listening to scientist social control babel for twice as long!!

someone is trying to discredit skepticism – a hallmark of science – by noting that we doubters have had the same skeptical views for the tobacco scare, and every other scare.

Newsflash: science-minded people will always live and die by skepticism, evidence, trial, and constructive criticiams, no matter how much social ostracism you try to throw.

Well before the recent 25 years, Aristotle’s wet-dream of a philosopher ruling class was well in action regarding the attempts to control our lives through their superior intellect. Harrison Brown[and many others] put out many a publication on various ways that scientists needed to be put in control, lest we lead ourselves to certain disaster – by 1980.

The health-control lobby: we will die of pandemic.

AGW: we wil die of global warming.

global cooling: we will die fo global cooling.

Silent Spring: we will all be dead from chemicals.

Margaret Sanger: we will all be dead from economic collapse caused by too many African American people, deemed by her —  and many other science-enthused do-gooders — to be sub-human.

Segue to the “over-population” fanatics, when all of us 7 billion could each have a ranch-size property in Alaska, with a 2,000 calorie-per-day easily met by the lower 48, and water, too, with plenty food water and space to spare.

The common thread? Turn control of the planet over to us.

Yes, many of us, typically older and wiser, having lived through the anticipated multiple Armegeddons (Y2K, anyone?), are as skeptical that an army of grad-school socialists will save humanity as the pro-tobacco lobby seemed to be, for decades, that smoking dangers were unsubstantiated.

The only diference is that the tobacco scientists were all on the payroll, you are on Obama’s gravy train, and I am not.

Go put that in your little red book and meditate.

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How kool-aideluded can we be? Hurricanes: either way = AGW

“We’ve really come a long way in the last two years about our knowledge of the hurricane and climate issue,”

Wow. I have been believing Al gore all the way along!!!! Are you telling me that the science is not settled!?!?!?!?!?!??

Scientists are undecided whether any imagined trends in hurricanes are 1. evidence of global warming; 2. evidence of no global warming; 3. we just do not know:

The last two years?!?!??!? Al Gore has not even made a public appearance in the past 2 years!

All we have been able to check out at the theatre in the past few years is Millionaire Fat Cat Michael Moore, and Avatar!

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Still waiting for Mohammed’s wife’s passion

Hello from

We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on August 08 2008
(Order #702-1063870-2723402):

Sherry Jones (Author) “The Jewel of Medina: A Novel”

Still want it? We’ll keep on trying. You’ll still be able to cancel at any time
before we ship it.

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The Emporer’s New Clothes: Carbon Trading

The Emporer’s New Clothes: Carbon Trading

People have decided to “follow the money” in anthropotomoc global warming…

Harper’s article…
“Inside the Carbon Trading Shell Game.”

A columnist comments on this at the UK Telegraph…

“Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one.”

You have been had.  People took advantage of your naivete, your political tendencies to favor the environment – nothing wrong with that – and have a knee-jerk reaction to big business – something wrong with that. Plus, they threw a bunch of pseudo-science at you, knowing that education has been dumbed-down (by “the teachers’ unions, code for socialists using naive teachers) so much in the past few decades, that you would never catch on.

Now, the only question is how to back away from the global warming scam, and simlpy advocate for decent environmental reg, decent management of big business.

And try to learn a lesson: how to detect a scam when it is sprung on you.

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“Greens too yellow to call themselves Reds”

Too funny! Attributed to Lord Monckton, but I was not successful in a quick attempt at verification. It is not my phrase. But it deserves to be applied on the frequent occasions when appropriate.

“Greens too yellow to call themselves Reds”

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Full history to support Obama Marxist awareness, orientation.

Obama and crew have done a pretty good job of keeping the wraps on a lot of Obama’s history.

However, classmates are free to talk. As this person has. Letting us know that, at elast one point in his life, Obama could talk the same talk that many college kids can: how lousy is the USA, how great Marx is.

We need to dump this communist, before he pitches us into a disaster more certain than anthropotomac global warming, and find a decent person who has full faith in the Constitution and the people of the United States.

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