Their lips are moving. Melanie Shouse Edition. Shameless.

How do you know if one of our esteemed democratic leaders is lying? His or her lips are moving. We have no shame. We have no standards of behavior. Win at all costs, and turn any event into political mileage. If only Alinsky were around to be hired as consultant.

The most recent: the Melanie Shouse anecdote: a democratic party loyalist, probably a wonderful, selfless, decent American, gets breast cancer and dies.

How to turn this into political mileage? Paint her as a pathetic victim who would have been alive if Obama was allowed to control everyone’s health care. At 8 minutes 30 seconds in this vid:

This poor, dead woman’s story is being twisted for political gain. She was very sick. Taking her story and twisting it for political gain is even sicker. #1: mammogram by self-pay costs from $100 to $300. #2: health insurance policies generally do not pay for experimental cancer treatments, since there is not yet any evidence existing that the purported treatment-under-evaluation will have any benefit whatsoever. #3: health care plans generally are not eager to pay for routine-screening mammograms until a woman is 40+; this woman died at the age of 41, but detected the lump before the point where a regularly recommended screening through a health care encounter would have served to detect this breast cancer.

The ‘just a minute’ blog puts the finger on the real story, and real issues.

Any time we hear one of these campaign-trail anecdotes about real, everyday people, they invariably turn out to be untrue. Maybe Barack should have waited a bit and vetted the story – just like he should have done before calling a Camden police officer’s actions “stupid:”

But Obama will get a “pass.” This woman’s story is terrible. But would it have been avoided if federal health care covered her? We don’t know. But we can pretty surely guess that socailized health care will not cover a mammogram for a woman under 40 yo.   Also, with the ‘comparative effectiveness research” emphasis on evidence and cost, we can be pretty sure that socialized medicine will not be covering experimental treatments any more than current health ins.

A fair portion of women at risk for breast cancer do not get screened n their 40s – possibly about 20%. If a woman younger than that feels alump, she needs to get a mammogram, and the mammogram itself does not cost that much – seriously – delaying diagnosis of a lump to save $200? Will mammograms be free under socialized medicine? Hard to answer, since all we hear is assurances that everybody will get everything, no one will have to pay, but we hear no details.

I have prayed for God to have mercy on this woman’s soul, and for God to comfort her friends and family. We always pray for our leaders, too.

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