Total Control.

Here is a handy tip for determining whether you are talking to a plain ol’ American democrat, or talking to a communist. Lately is is difficult to tell the difference. It feels like I am the last democrat.

The communists want to control everything. You. what you think. Your health. Your money, your free time, your entertainment, everything.

Here is just the latest:

Newborn blood used in research angers parents

Screening blood often stored, used in scientific studies without consent

Ya see, it is not enough to conduct a couple dozen genetic screens on your baby. We actually have no idea how many states are doing this, because it is just happening with no legislative oversight, no referendum etc. The govt bureaucrats know better, and believe you should trust them, with your gemetic information.

Why hold on to this info? Because they can. And they feel entitled. And they believe that, if you only knew the whole story, you would trust them.

But you cannot comprehend the entire story. Ordinary people cannot. It takes special people. Socialists. They are here to make decisions for us.

What music to listen to. What art to appreciate. What thoughts to think. How Mao-velous.

A coulpe states are doing this: Minnesota and Texas. Both have generated controversy. If you get upset, you are a fearful conspiracy theorist knuckle-dragger. Why don’t you trust the govt with your DNA info?

What are you trying to hide?

A democrat should easily be able to provide decent, sacred answers: it is my life, and my privacy. Back off. Plus, I don’t want to be discriminated-on by the health insurance companies once tehy figure out some kind of “collaborative go’t venture,’ or once the gov’t is in charge of all health care – rate-setting and all.

The UK is ahead of us…

This info notes the controversial UK policy of keeping genetic material on anyone ARRESTED, even if found perfectly innocent…

Get ready. The democratic party will continue to be absent on protecting our civil rights on this one. Another loss for the little guy.

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