Control. Abortion speech.

I am the last democrat. Everyone else left for the marxist party, or the communist party, or the socialist party. I really don’t care to distinguish between these three interlopers, although I could, and others can. To me, they are basically the same, and it is the party to where everyone has gone, leaving me the last democrat. How can you tell?

How to tell if you are a democrat, or a marxist.

If you are a democrat, you have American values, such as freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. You are able to detect when these freedoms are being threatened. You support, in whatever way, the recognized boundaries of speech and assembly. The old saying brings tears to your eyes, because it is a
sentiment dearly held: “I may not agree with your opinion, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This is part of simlpy being an American, and is simply one of the secrets of our success as a nation. They are reflected in our Constitution.

If you are not a democrat, but believe you are, you may need some help. Get honest: if you are a marxists, just come right out and say it, then go advocate for your political beliefs. Please stop trying to hijack my party.

Why do I believe the democratic party is being hijacked by marxists? 1. Because it is true; 2. because the marxists declare it, as long as you are willing to go explore and find the spots where they do explore it; and 3. it makes sense, doesn’t it, that if there is some distinction, we should be able to figure out these distinctions, and indicate them. Correct? Logical? Are ya with me so far?

How to tell the diff: one case from today’s headlines: abortion / pro-life speech:
If you are a marxist, you already know what the correct beliefs are for people. These are decided by party loyalists, from the top-down, if not directly from the writings of the Founding Fathers themselves, especially Marxhimself. That is why is is so awesome that his books come in convenient pocket size. Same for Thoughts of Chairman Mao.

The intellectual in the room who has the most knowledge gets to decide what ideas are OK and what ideas are not. When speech and assembly happens that you judge to be “harmful to our comrades
and our motherland,” you are obligated to get this speech and assembly extinguished by any means necessary.

Alinsky provides an easy manual: name-calling and marginalization are cool.
Your means are not so critical as your goal – it will not be easy to invoke societal revolution, and there wil be a few rules, ethics, and heads broken along the way. So be it.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at this little issue of – gasp – a pro-life group on a college campus!! Oh, the horror!!

Pick your side. You think you are a democrat. Can you “handle” a pro-life” group on campus? You can’t? Is it time to re-think this whole party-affiliation thingie? Shouldn’t you just be honest with yourself and the rest of us?

Whether you oppose abortion or support abortion, if you are a democrat, and consider yourself an American, cherishing these principals of free speech and freedom of assembly, then it seems to me that you would, either way, be OK with a pro-life group being a group on-campus.

Now, todays’ news story is from Canada, but it illustrates what it looks like when marxists detect someone not thinking the correct thoughts. We have the same thing going on all over the U.S., at both public and private college campuses – hence the second link.

Click if you are open-minded. If you have already drunk the Kool-Aid, you may not want to click, because it will just disturb your sleep to know that there are people out there who are thinking things that are not approved by the party.

Oh – and about that Constitution thing — I know that got ya — because you believe it is “incomplete,” and should be rewritten. That is why “we” voted for BO – his comments on how the Constitution needs some revision. Hmmm…..

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