Harms of Big Business? Maybe. Or fetal alcohol syndrome.

The truth is out there, somewhere. What really matters is the truth. Is a toxic waste dump causing birth defects? Maybe. If so, hold them accountable. We can’t, because the “company” already has ceased to exist? Well, here is one example where I am really “progressive:” develop some law, or fund, etc., so that you cannot do business witout smoe legacy of financial accountability lingering behind, even if you dissolve your “corporation.” People have estates that survive them. So should corporations.

But that detail is not in the forefront here. In the forefront is the have-not versus the have. The proletariat versus the bourgeiosie. The little guy versus the big guy. David versus Goliath.

Never mind the physiological plausibility.

Birth defects happen. how often? About 1 in 100, per this msnbc story:


Officials: Birth defects in CA town not unusual

San Joaquin Valley town located next to huge toxic waste dump

–The suspected toxins would have an expected birth-defect profile. The birth-defect profile of ethyl alcohol exposure in utero includes facial deformations – pretty much what is described in this story. There is a corresponding behaviorial problem pattern, also, with restlessness/high activity, probably attributable to interrupted development of the frontal lobe, the final brain area to go through its most significant development. They taught us this in health class and in developmental psychology: don’t drink alcohol if you are pregnant – you will have FES, and here is what it LOOKS LIKE: see msnbc story.

Who drinks excessive alcohol? Poor folks, JUST LIKE in this MSNBC story.

Get ready. Here come the marxists to exploit this crisis.

Before that happens, the awesome thing would be to determine the degree of alcohol use in this area.

The locality was probably low-income to begin with, since that is where these types of businesses locate. Second, once the dump was there, it drove down property values. So, you have low-income families living there. With their alcohol use. Which is a cause of characteristic facial deformaties.

Yes, business needs to be regulated for the benefit of all, including the less powerful. The less powerful need a political party -the democratic party – to help them participate in the pursuit of happiness, and enjoy their liberty.

But the marxists will soon appear, and will callously re-victimize these residents in order to advance the marxist agenda: the downfall of the U.S., and the installment of a world gov’t with them at the helm, rinvalled only by Pinky and the Brain.

The democrats, with no power to control the knee reflex, will play along.

If you have some info on the toxins that might be involved, and whether those toxins might contribute to an increase of these birth defects from a rate of 1/94 to 1 /109, please post a note.


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