(+)AGW = beyond reproach; (-)AGW = ulterior motive


Interesting spin. The NYT accepts the claims of innocence for Pachauri, but conveys the message that critics are politically motivated by other agandae. It does not matter what the truth is. To me, yes; to these ppl, not so much.

In the meantime, the cases upon which the”warmers” depend are increasingly being exposed as speculative and faulty, while the spokespeople are being seen to have very clear financial motives.

In other words: The truth is the opposite of the view given by NYT.

Al Gore makes millions from managing investment money in anthropotomac global warming-related business investments. This is absolutely no secret, yet it is like a third rail no mainstream journalist will ever tough. Generation Investment Management, LLP. Just google it; Gore has not yet hidden his green investment management firm from the eyes of Google.

The Pachauri web of financial entanglements are documented ni various stories across the web. Again, just Google. It is ludicrous to say he has no financial stake in the promotion of gov’t authority-controlled efforts to reduce energy expenditure. Ridiculous.

But that is not the main point to be discerned from these mainstream media stories; the point is that there is a tale being told and sold, and if you fail to buy into it, people will accuse you of something – anythnig – to try to silence or discredit you. This is not how journalism operates, and it is not how a democracy operates.

NYT will pay. They are paying. They do not have value as a news and investigative outlet. Because to do that, you pretty much have to strive for the truth. They report ficton and opinion. The book reviews are awesome, too.

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