Thought Control: Global Warming.

1. It is now shocking that there is simply an overwhelming quantity of info on the web now that totally dismantles each of the key pieces of evidence promoted as evidence of anthropotomac global warming.

2. If you raise this issue at all amongst your democrat friends, you will be ostracized, shouted-down, and have your communist – I mean democratic – credentials questioned.

3. The emerging knee-jerk response is the old “big business is evil” response. In other words, a cornerstone of marxist philosophy –commercial endeavors are evil — should over-rule your common sense and reason. And are license to turn the world governance over to these marxists parading around the UN and wherever else.

+Click on the picture for a better bigger view.

++When was the internal-combustion-petroleum-based automobile INVENTED? Oh, yeah – late 1800s, with mass production beginning when?

+++Now, peg that on the Alaskan glacial advance log of Exit Glacier; the glaciers of Alaska, the Himalayas, and the snows of Kilimanjaro have been the key marketing themes of the global-warming scare-based investment management strategy business (Al Gore’s business). Wait – did I say global-warming-based investments? I meant disaster-avoiding selfless humanitarian sacrifice of key Nobel prize winners who should not be afraid of a few common-sense questions.

Anyway: each has been debunked.

This is so pathetic it is funny every now and then. Those glacial retreat lines – truly very funny comedy lines!!


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