Maybe this forced secretive “union” issue will clue you in…

Sure, employers hold a lot of power in the employer/employee relation. Sure, I believe in freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Sure, it is fine if workers unionize to gain strength in negotiations with their employers.

Most democrats think this way.

This is one of the main strategies the communists have used to shift the United States toward a nation where labor decides how and when and where commerce happens. This dimension of communist activity in the United States, for the past one hundred years, is most well-documented.

The communist organizers have marched across the country making trouble where there was not yet trouble. One of the most recent efforts was the efforts to unionize janitorial workers in a few big cities. True, there is a need. But the parades/demonstrations in the streets were a bit much. But the communists were just doing things by their familiar methods: demonize the enemy, polarize the situation, and get people heated up emotionally.

Why? To increase their power. These workers are pawns of the background agenda: live off of the labor of these relevatively powerless workers in order to build dues and build more voting-block power with – who? — with the conniving democratic party apparatus.

How do I know something funny is going on?

Have teacher’s unions HELPED improve our public education system?

Where is our auto industry? [in Asia.]

If Gov’t is the ANSWER, why do government employees, as well as employees of private firms, need unions? Where is the Have/Have-not split there?

Now, the latest: the smallest of all businesses being FORCED, UNKNOWINGLY, into unionization.

Home-based daycare shops being forced to be union shops! What?

“The “union” is a creation of AFSCME, the government workers union, and the United Auto Workers.”

These self-employed people are exploiting themselves, and need to band together to fight themselves to treat themselves better?

Uh, no. It is a power move to get mores dues and more power with — guess who — the democratic party apparatus.

Sure, a union is a good for some circumstances. That is my view, as a democrat. But the union thing has gone way beyond this, and is hurting us. If unionizing sole proprietorships sounds reasonable to you, you might be a marxist. Things that make you go, Hmmm…….

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