Polling shows: Easier for me to claim the we “democrats” are fine with socialism.

Polling shows: Easier for me to claim the we “democrats” are fine with socialism.

WARNING: This is VERY sensitive material. If you believe you are a democrat, but you are truly at least half-way to being a plain ol communist, but have been trained to knee-jerk declare the there is no socialist influence in the democratic party, and the mccarthy red-baiting hearings “proved” this to be true, then these types of evidence to the contrary will send you spinning for prototypical ready-made socialist-provided retorts, namely: name-calling and change-the-topic.

In case of such an emergency, here is one suggestion: point out how George Bush has done bad things (a no-brainer, but sadly, not a defense of our party selling out to the marxists), or point out how the oil companies are evil (but at the same time, carbon-credit firms, at the tune of trillions, are perfectly benign, hollywood billions are beyond reproach, starbucks and apple and other trendy big business are beyond reproach).


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