Stupak is being set up. No one is caving on fed abortion expansion. March 9.

Stupak is being set up.

“Stupak ‘More Optimistic’ Abortion Fight Will End”

“Rep. Bart Stupak said he expects to resume talks with House leaders in a quest for wording that would impose no new limits on abortion rights but also would not allow use of federal money for the procedure.”

He is not dealingwith honest, decent Americans. He is dealing with the trash that gets put forward as the top representatives of the democratic party.

All of the language out in the news today shows how mince-y the discussion is. No one can declare anything forthrightly. Obama and Sebelius, and everyone else, have lied and misled consistently throughout the entire health care reform efforts. At every twist and turn, they swore on the graves of the dead Kemnnedys that there would be no federal funding of abortion.

At each turn, if you are clever enough and take the time to pick through the bill, and search the web for the analyses by others, you can piece together how each machination has set up the fed govt to greatly expand abortion access through a public funding mechanism established by the federal legislation.

Now, Stupak seems optimistic. But here is what will happen: the Senate health care reform bill will get approved, including Harry Reid’s nefarious manager’s amendment. This combo deal has two brand new revenue streams / avenues for tax dollar publicly funded abortions. One is a new funding stream for federally qualified health centers. It is outside of HHS, so outside of Hyde amendment, and is not restricted to certain types of care. So, the friendly neighborhood FQHCs, which have been playing a great role in getting health care to the underserved and/or inunsured, will be able to set themselves up as chop shops – getting their $500 for a straightforward, in-demand procedure. Also, Reid amendment calls for any health ins plan operating in health exchange fashion, per senate health care reform bill, to include an extra fee / tax of “not less then” $2 per month. This goes into a fund to propvide subsidized abortion insurance.

In my best guess, Stupak knows this. The Senate bill cannot be changed. My guess is they have sworn on the graves of the dead kennedys to CHANGE the Senate bill AFTER Stupak and everyone else votes on it.

THEN: they will feign as if they will change it, but some procedure or other manipulation will arise, and we will be stuck with the bill we voted for. And somehow, the roadblock to the change has been planned / engineered to be at the behest of the conservatives. So, Obama and the liberal congresspeople will not bear the blame for failing to modify the Seante bill after approval, as Stupak is now being promised.

I called it first. Post a note if someone else has noted this endgame.

Obama even yesterday came out and said this health care reform is not about abortion. Big Fat Liar. If so, he would have whole-heartedly, honestly fought to strip all of these sneaky efforts out of the legislation, butting heads with the scheming Pelosi and Sebelius. But no. He has been in on the scheme all the time. He declared i nSept 2009 there would be no dfederally funded abortion in health care reform, and then he advocated ehavily for versions of legislation we now know were heavy on abortion funding. And he never raised the issue a bit.

In a separate post, I will put the analysis I had of the Senate bill and Reid Manager’s Amendment, which outlines things pretty well.

I don’t have an analysis of how the money for the FQHCs would build a new revenue stream that would not be prohibitied in any way from going for abortions at the FQHCs. That is out there in a lot of places. If I get achance, I will put a link.

I usually prefer to do these analyses myself, because I otherwise have to work off of conservative / republican rhetoric and spin, and I don’t trust those guys. Sometimes they clue me in on this, and some times they are making noise just for media points.

Why the big deal about abortion? We democrats are on the wrong side of this issue. we should be fighting FOR the little guy, the voiceless. Not-yet-born children fully fulfill each of the three¬† legal components of beign a protected class. No one on our “libeal” side EVER comes up with 1. a good argument showing these little constituents are not yet alive, and no one EVER comes up with a good answer as to what is so “tragic” about abortion. Chew on that. We are totally on the wrong side of the issue. Ted Kennedy used ot be on the correct side. Jesse Jackson used to be on the right side. They switched their views. It is OK to be a democrat and have a pro-life stance. There is nothing wrong with you, and you still can fit in the party on the majority of views and values.

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