Stupak: Jusifiably Wary of getting Scammed by fellow Dems. As I am.
Stupak is wary: “If they say ‘we’ll give you a letter saying we’ll take care of this later,’ that’s not acceptable because later never comes.”

I put the date on my recent post about Stupak and promises because I saw this coming. Fortunately, he seems to see this coming, also. Very encouraging.

His discussion of the promise seems to indicate that such a promise strategy was actually attempted. This is bold and shocking.

Stupak sounds very wary. But it is scary to hear that there may be a lot of confusion about parliamentary procedure. The pro-abortion forces have been continuously deceptive, and active behind-the-scenes. Certainly, no one from the pro-abortion side of things has come forward to explain how any of these bills, notable the final house bil that had come forward, and the senate bill that had come forward, addressed the issue of abortion funding.

Instead, the pro-abortion forces have made statements and promises that have all been either wildly uninformed, or disingenuous. They are liars and deceivers.

So, now in a time of confusion regarding procedures, these schemers may be planning to walk right through the confusion as no one grasps what they are doing until it is all over.

Years ago, I had my first job working a cash register. It is a skill to have your drawer balance at the end of the day. You gave change you were supposed to give, and you took in money you were supposed to take in. Ideally, to the penny. But we would be off a few cents here and there. Occasionally, some even amount that let us know we were not paying attention. Begin off an even $2.00 meant maybe you handed someone back a couple singles more than you thought. How? Maybe you weren’t paying attention. And so on.

One day, a person pulled a common scam on me. Along with a small purchase, they asked me to make change. For a $20. Then, changed how they wanted it. Like not two tens, but a ten and ten ones. or whatever. I got confused. They claimed I had not given them the correct change, out of my confusion, and I responded by corectintg what I had done, per their view.

When I was done, I had a certain feeling. Confusion, plus the nagging thought that something was not right.

I go to balance my till that evening. Short by $20. “I knew it!!” Of course, I did not knwo it. I was suspicious. but the adding machine confirmed.

My guess is everyone who has worked a till has had this experience.

I declared to myself it would not happen again. No matter how good the scammer was. I had a few more years of retail, always knowing that this scammer was out there. It never happened again. Sure, shoplifting happened, etc., but never the confusion-over-breaking-a-twenty again.

I learned why cashiers lay the cash, handed to them by the customer, on the till, then pull the change, wait for the customer to acknowledge, then lay the cash from the customer in the hoppers.

I learned why some cashiers say, as you hand them a twenty for a fifteen dollar purchase, “…Out of twenty.”

Because they either were trained that way to avoid the scam, or they got scammed, and decided to never get scammed again.

Because once that twenty is gone, there is no way to get it back.

Once we put ink on federally instituted public-funding of abortion, thruogh this $12/year tax, or through an unfettered stream of FQHC funding, we won’t get that money back, and we won’t get those lives back.

We may all learn a lesson in scammers and how they work. we may institute habits and procedures so they won’t scam us again. But the twenty will be gone.

Many states are now instituting a policy to vet presidential candidates that includes confirming that a candidate meets the requirements.

Why? Because we just got scammed, and it is very hard to get that twenty back, but we don’t want it to happen again.

If I were Stupak or one of the Twelve, I would be very wary right now. These are not our fellow democrat, American compatriates. These are scammers.

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