NYT columnist Post-mortem on Health care reform gets it wrong; The answer is: Abortion at all costs. All costs.

NYT columnist Post-mortem on Health care reform gets it wrong; The answer is: Abortion at all costs. All costs.

NYT Column: “The Health Care Letdown”


An NYT columnist, Pewen, gives an assessment of how we went from briad support of health care reform to the lousy,  minefield-laden scorched-earth landscape we now are sad to observe.

Pewen has a bunch of wise-sounding comments about messages and town halls and assurances. But the obvious conclusion is that both houses of congress and both parties have been oh so close, with one deal-killer: expanding federally defined, federally mandated abortion coverage at the taxpayer’s expense.

While various stakeholdres may have balked at one scheme versus another, no stakeholder group has had the obvious power to get their way above the prevailing political will – except Obama and company’s undying commitment to expand abortion access through federal fiat.

The tally varies within the margins of this issue.

Obama and crew will not concede. Will not give up.

If health care reform is so dear to Obama et al., then why not settle for the status quo on abortion – it hasn’t been covered by fed fiat, and it won’t.

The victory would be: expanded health care coverage, and all the other boons of reform.

The bust? Failing to deliver the greatest boon to the abortion industry since Roe V Wade.

sure, there have been pros and cons, winners and losers. But the socailist media hate to print the word “abortion,” because as dear as “abortion” is to them, they area aware that most of us are not thrilled about this form of democide, and we certainly don’t want our tax dollars pulled from our pocket – even as little as one dollar a month from each of us – in order to please the abortion lobby.

While headlines have HAD to include Stupak, since he is a major player around WHOM the issue swirls, the “progressive” pundits cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the ugly truth.

We may be at the last gasps of health care “reform,” since Obama would rather die by this lobby group rather than live with health care reform.

This editorial is one of the post-mortems that are and will emerge.

The so-called liberals will have to adhere to party line and avoid mentioning abortion even as they stare at  its key role in determining whether we succeed this time or not at health care reform.


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