Waxmaning Poetic: Lying, or judicious use of words?


“Waxman Disputes Claim He Said He Wanted Government to Fund Abortions”

 One of the chief architects of the health care reform bill now moving through Congress is disputing a fellow lawmaker’s claim that he said Democrats want federal funding to pay for abortions.”


“I am not pushing a position on this health bill that would have the government pay for abortions,” Waxman said.

Nope. He is pushing for a position in which any of us that happen to get health insurance through an insurer who is involved in a state-level insurance exchange will have to pay a $12-per-year tax that goes into a fund that is a fund to pay for abortion insurance.

So, it is technically NOT federal dollars, it is my dollars, dfederally dictated, but going to the state for a fund to be administered.


This is the type of lying and deception we get from the characters that happen to be crafty enough to get supported by a major political party that has left its essential values, and instead favors expediency and maintenence of the status quo. And the status quo is: dance with who brung ya. Who brung ya? Money. Support from abortion lobbyists, as well as health care insruance industry, pharmaceutical industry, and other big-money powers-that-be.

Few “democrats” have the guts to stand up to big business because they don’t even see what is wrong with this picture. Because they do not have a core set of values.

Across the decades, I have heard democrats express a core of American values.

I have alse heard in recent years that the heart of our party is no heart at all, but the allegiance to a coalition-building strategy: some people explain that “we” are a loose federation of various hangers-on who have a grievance with the powers-that-be. This was heard in the recent election at times. sure, that may be how it works, and it may be how you discover the “little guy” who needs the workings of govt to ensure his or her ability to enjoy the liberties and freedoms that is- excuse me – should be – a core value of ours.

The loose federation of hangers-on with a greivance against the powers-that-be is almost the definition of the socialist party, and philosophy – oh, excuse me again – it is a “science,” per Marx.

On the ground, that is how the marxists and socialists operate functionally. Bill Ayers wil declare this outright. Alinsky did. Etc.

But “we” democrats guise it a little less obviously. We line up the pitiful and down-trodden, and evoke some pity, and we rail against the powers-that-be (they wink and nod, knowing the game, as Armand Hammer did) – why? To preserve our party power above all.

With that as our central value: garnering pity toward some poster children in order to elicit anger toward the powers-that-be, while actually beign a pawn of the powers-that-be: that is how we end up so compromized and worthless as far as a positive force in the U.S.

I would say “worthless,” but we are worse than worthless. We are harmful.

Like with abortion: we are on the wrong side of the issue.

And we cannot get to the right side because we are beholden to the money. Or people who do not truly have american, democratic values at heart have managed to succeed in our party mechanisms. So they don’t care when they use deceptive wording, as Sebelius, Obama, and Waxman have been doing – caught red-handed: see my recently posted analysis of the Seante Health Care bill, incl. the analysis of Reid Manager’s amendment.

These people are lying to me and misleading me, and hoping I vote to keep them in office next time around.

You can trot out all of the pitiful victims you want, and point to all of the (actually, only certain big  businesses fit our mini-drama) big bad businesses you want. I am not fooled. I know you prefer money from the big businesses at the cost of innocent, not-yet-born lives. And you are using some fancy words to hide this from me.

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