It was all about abortion, after all. A new day of abortion dialogue in U.S. civics.

It was all about abortion, after all. A new day of abortion dialogue in U.S. civics.

The health care reform legislation made its maneuver through the house yesterday/today, once a handful of legislators, concerned about abortion, found some reason$ to vote for the legislation. The legislation then received the necessary votes by that slim margin.

Success depended upon how abortion was / is addressed i nthe legislation.

All of that drama, weeks and weeks, and all of the sweetheartedals, depended upon one issue: abortion. There are no two ways to evaluate this.  The third way is to ignore it.

Ignoring will only work for so long. The net result, if this goes forward awithout other major machinations, is that we will see more abortions performed. We will detect this in the utilization statisitics. We will be able to see the circumstances under which any and all were performed,  including payment system / payment provider.

Insurance works for evants that are rare and costly. Otherwise, what you have is a “payment plan.” A “Christmas Club.” A “Vacation Fund.” Make regular contributions bit by bit, until that day comes when you want / need to spend the money. Cost matches contributions dollar for dollar.

With insurnace, you and a bunch of other people pay an amount to cover you in the unlikely but expensive outcome of the undesired event.

It is a gamble: lose a little with the possibility of winning big. Pay $10,000 premiums per year in case you get a $100,000-per-year illness.

Abortion is not very expensive…to the mother and supporters; it is ultimately expensive – loss of life – to the aborted.

Abortion is not rare. One of five pregancies ends in abortion – oh, one in three if you are Black. (what used to be “racism” is now “progress”).

How do you mathemactically set a premium? If a woman gets a policy that asks for $300 per year, she will simply decide: “why don’t I just watch what I do, and if I eventually need this several hundred dollar service, just do what I would do for a modestly expensive car repair, or an apartment first-moth-rent down payment?”

She won’t opt for this insurance.

Unless there is money being payed in by the rest of us to this abortion service insurance fund.

That is the technical definition of a “subsidy,” not a “risk pool.”

With time, this will be revealed. If the Senate is on-board, and other improbable events do not interfere. With time, this will be revealed.

Along with being our leading cause of death, abortion has lately moved much higher onto discussions in the national agenda.

We can no longer pretend it happens in a few unfortunate cases.

The numbers will be there in our state, federal budgets, and / or the budget of whatever entities will be hosting these plans.

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