The next step: “Immigration.”

It is not really “immigration.” We are heading for a world-wide government run by the workers of the world. The term “immigration” really only refers, anachronistically, to the old days when the workers were forcibly dominated by the owners of the means of production.

When the oil companies and other big businesses  — down with the capitalist pigs!!!! — all controlled the lives of each of us, oppressively. Down with Apple!!! Down with Starbucks!!!!  Down with Ben & Jerries!!!!  Down with Industrial Light & Magic!!!

Now, we need to work to erase all borders. They only served as a false cause to maintain “sovereignty” of the “nations,” so the “nations” could serve as frontmen and police force for the owners of the means of production.

Now, with no borders, we will all be happy. And have all we want. No more war, disease, pestilence, “bullying,” brown acid, or monogamy.

All that stands in the way are a few pesky laws. Like immigration laws. The experiment in open-borders, at the Rio Grande, shows the reality that John Lenin could only imagine. A zone free of crime, rape, exploitation, hunger, and free of any human rights violations. Let the Texas-Mexico border serve as “Walden III” for us. Biosphere III.

In order to replicate the Rio Grande Renaissance, we need a team of sociologists to study how, as Marx predicted, the borders would simply melt away, leaving peace and prosperity in their place. Nvivo La Revolucion!

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