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Carbon Credits: Australia says: “Sell!”

PM delays emissions trading scheme as inconvenient political truth


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Finally! Al Gore Challenges AGW Skeptic To Debate!

Dr. Gore has his own blog. This helps to keep up with his activities as he jets around burning precious fossil fuel and adding carbon to the atmosphere    promoting investment in his green-investment-management firm   saving the planet.

In this recent entry, he writes that he is ready to challenge the views of a skeptic:

“Far be it from me, a non-scientist, to dispute the scientific expertise of an MIT professor of meteorology, Richard Lindzen, but then again, Lindzen’s selective recitation of the litany of arguments against global warming practically begs a rebuttal.”

OK, Dr. Gore: we are begging: you are a leading proponent of a prediction about the climate in the future – will you debate a leading skeptic?

This is gonna be cool.

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Forward Liberal “Pass” Card to…Black Panthers

that’s right. Who had it last? Harry Reid, for his talk about how Obama is a good N e gro?

Well, time to pass it on..

Never mind their marxists roots generally, and this videotaped voter intimidation episode specifically. It was all just a misunderstanding.

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No More Communists (Code for Racism) For President! Arizona HB 2441

No More Communists (Code for Racism) For President! Tracking Arizona’s Presidential Eligibility Legislation

You may have heard this issue. “Birthers” clamoring that Roger Calero should never have been on the ballot in over 40 states, since he is admittedly foreign-born, as well as being a self-admitted communist. The main issue? He has quite a pigmentation.

Roger Calero has run for president in each of the last two presidential elections. As did  several other people. The “problem” with Calderon, according to the white, bigoted, prejudiced HAVEs (“code” for “tea-partiers”), all living in the suburbs and driving their fancy SUVs and getting their abortions wherever and whenever they want in order to avoid shame because they can afford them, is that Calderon is apparently ineligible to run for president.


Those racists hold on to a bit of “legislation” called “The Constituion” (please note: we are aware of not-a-single cross-gender signer of this document, although quite a few have been recorded in drag — well, at least in wigs). Regardless of the pundits who note this “Constitution” as an unprecedented advance for civilization, leading to freedom-granting changes across the globe, this document is surely a tool of evil, since not one signer was other than anglo, AND NOT ONE HAD EVER HAD DIVERSITY TRAINING.

Thus, this “constitution” is clearly a racist, oppressive, capitalist conspiracy tool worse than the Kyoto Protocol or COP15.

This secret agenda is what keeps the racists pushing this “Constitution” as some litmus test for judging laws and federal appointees at all levels! As if!!

Pushing their agenda, they have been quite upset that in the 2004 United States presidential election, a supposed foreign-born communist was actually on the ballot in 41 states.

Well, Calero is actually foreign-born, and communist, pretty much all by his own admission, as well as by supporting documentation: his Socialist Workers Party Long-Form application.

so, there is not much to say about the fact that he has not provided evidence of being eligible to run for president, but obviously if he got on the ballot then CERTAINLY everything was JUST PEACHY with his eligibility.

See? If he was on the ballot, surely he was properly vetted. Right?

Who could doubt this?

Racists, that is who. Racists clinging to this piece of white-people-signed piece of paper called the “Constitution.”

Calero is probably Hispanic, as well as being born in a country named and ruled by Spain, which everyone knows is quite south of the border.

The racists worked their agenda pretty well, and so for the next presidential election, 2008, Calero was only able to fool enough states to get on the ballot in five states.

Yes, a self-admitted foreigner socialist was on the ballot of five of our United States in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Pure racism. Only five states are enlightened enough to recognize that the “Constitution” needs to be significantly re-written (as Cass Sunstein has noted in his book “Partial Constitution,” and as noted in a Kent State law journal article written by an associate of one of President Obama’s colleagues (Sarah Herlihy, Kent Law Review, Volume 81, Page 275+, 2006, “Amending the Natural-Born Citizen Requirement: Globalization as the Impetus and the Obstacle”).

How was Calero, and ineligible candidate, on the ballot in so many states for not one but two predsidential elections?

Well, a little side note fracas, concerning the same issue with President Obama, highlights the issue that no one really knows how a president is vetted as Constitutionally eligible, beyind getting the signature of the Speaker of the House, in the capacity as a momentarily deputized party nominating convention leader, and sending a brief affidavit to each state declaring, “trust me.”

So, Arizona, a leading state full of racist haters, is considering adding legislation to step up the vetting of presidential candidate bona fides beyond the “trust me” form to actual document-supported proof: perhaps a birth certificate.

All because the racist haters in Arizona want never again to have a non-white foreign-born communist vaulted to the most powerful position in the world without some significantly sophisticated skull-duggery.

It is about time.

Calero 2012.

How to follow HB 2441

In brief, the bill is: House Bill 2441, and Senate Bill 1384.

Currently, 2010, the legislature is in their Second Regular Session of their Forty-Ninth Legislature.

To follow the bills-

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Fatherland Knows Best: Forced Sterilization in China

Of course, by “China,” I mean “Red China.”

“According to reports in the Chinese media, on 7 April the local authorities in Puning City began a special campaign to sterilise people who already have at least one child, to ensure that local birth control quotas are met. The local authorities claim that by the end of 11 April, the 20-day campaign had already met 50 per cent of its target.”

What to do? We liberals find ourselves protesting the same inhumanities that those tyrannical, oppressive Christians are opposing.

We need to get together soon and figure out why population control is wonderful, and must be systematically managed by the government, a la Ehrlich, while we oppose govt-mandated population controls, met by sterilization goals.

How else will we succeed at our dreams to control society, from womb to tomb? How will we sell this one? And what happens if someone makes the connection between our eugenics history, our sterilization history, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and our promotion of federally funded abortion clinics in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods?

We have tried here in the U.S. to control those darkies, er, excuse me, to ensure that every child is a wanted child, thru eugenics, but have experienced setbacks,  as late as early 1970s, from those pesky moralists…

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Get ready: Worse than Jim Crow.

“Any group that says, ‘I’m young, I’m Democratic, and I’m a socialist,’ is all right with me. You know that’s no light thing to do — to actually say, I’m a socialist — because you guys know right now we are living in a time which is going to dwarf the McCarthy era. It is going to dwarf the internment during World War II. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation,” Lewis said.

From Fox News today.

My work here is done. I am no longer a lone voice telling my compatriates that the democratic party is unequally yoked; is wedded to the socialist party, that we need to be very careful and particular about issues and legislators.

I am no longer a lone voice noting that there actually is a socialist movement – many movements – in the United States, and that teh younger generations really have no reference point for figuring out what might work in a reasonable political world, and what is foolish Intellitopianism.

No one in the dem party is watching the perimeter. Watching the borders. Looking out for infiltrators. Checking Bona Fides. But eventually the party will.

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Boss demands femployee abort. Empowerment?

This is empowerment? NY Post story covering a sexual discrimination suit against a large employer. One employee reports that her boss urged her to get an abortion so that her work perforamance would not be impacted.

I guess the irresponsible bosses, as well as the irresponsible boyfriends, all really appreciate the care-free carte blanche for ‘boys behaving badly’ given by RvW “privacy.”

What are we dems gonna do about this?

An emerging concept is “abortion coercion:” abortions not sought under some thoughtful consideration of career prospects, the challenges of parenthood, or whatever the myth of the accepatable abortion is, but abortions influenced by coercion. A boyfriend who threatens to leave. A parent who vows to disown their daughter for bringing embarrassment to the Sunday morning society rituals.

And, now, we see yet another facet of the “choice:” employer coercion.

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