TerryLakin offered “Evaluation” and brain scan: SovietPsychiatry returns.

I wish I could find a better source for this story other than WND; I don’t know if this reporter interviewed this military guy on his own, or heard abt6 this elsewhere…


Army suggests brain scan for eligibility challenger

Flight surgeon questions Obama’s right to be commander in chief


The ridiculous thing is that this guy’s request is totally sane, while marxists, parading as democrats, are trying to use name-calling to avoid the obvious: our Prez has never demonstrated Constitutional eligibility for the position of Prez.

What is hard to understand about this?

Everything will be resolved soon enough, however: Obama will not run for a second term, because it would be much more daring to fake this again, and Arizona, or some other state if not Az, will likely have a law on the books requiring such a ballot eligibility requirement. Whichever state institutes this requirement and sticks to it will put the egg on Obama’s face. My money is ON AZ and for sure is not on HI.

So, right now, Obama is looking for an exit strategy that will keep this charade from being apparent.

Hilariously, a wonderful conversation-starter is noting that in the past two presidential elections, 2009 (for 2010 swearing in) and 2005 (for 2009 swearing-in) each had a cadidate on the ballot in several states who was an AVOWED marxist (IOW, not a superfically-identified “democrat”) who was CLEARLY not a natural-born citizen of the United States.

Google, or wikipedia, “Roger Calero.” Enjoy.

So, when my fellow “democrat” travelers declare that it is ridiculous that a person who does not fit Constitutional eligibility could even get on a state ballot, what a name to drop. Practice rolling the Rs so you will be preparado.


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