Hate Crimes “Success:” More Headlines, Less Punishment

Hate Crimes “Success:” More Headlines, Less Punishment

A New Yorker, out on Longuyland, was convicted of manslaughter for deliberately plunging a knife into another man, who died, apparently motivated by the victim’s ethnicity.


What kind of penalty do you get for this? check the story.

Eight years. Why so few? This case did not go under normal murder lines, it went down “hate crimes” lines.

We “democrats finally have achieved success with our efforts to push “hate crimes” legislation and prosecution: more headlines, convincing the general public that there is something wrong with our society that needs to be overthrown by revolution, and fewer penal years, since it will be easier to eventually push the citizenry into revolution if the law-breakers and murderers are not already locked up, but are amongst the citizenry.

The law, after all, is just an extension of the cultural hegemony, the corporate power structure, the imperialists, sworn to uphold this corrup nation as it oppresses [fill in the blank].

This is a major landmark on our way to revolution.

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