JFK acurately predicted: 50 million dead by abortion by year 2000

JFK acurately predicted: 50 million dead by abortion by year 2000

Well, not exactly. Sadly, he was remarkably accurate. But you can’t be a denialocrat and detect this prescient observation.

This evening, the PBS “American Experience” series ran an Earthday-related special: “Earthdays.” This program “tracks the flowering of the modern environmental movement, including the first Earth Day in 1970, through the eyes of nine of the movement’s pioneers, including Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand, biologist Paul Ehrlich.”

Seeing Paul Ehrlich’s name should start to make you shudder and guard your gametes.
This show basically begins with the wealth boom follwing WWII, noting how chemicals and consumerism played an increasing role in our lives from that point forward. Not satisfied with the Rachel Carson story line, PBS drags the “overpopulation” myth into the story – yet presents it as absolutely true.

The program even throws in a Kennedy speech snippet. I was totally unfamiliar with this one (hey – I was quite young).

Kennedy was noting the U.S. population, and was making the point for ecological stuff, since we eventually would have, by his figures, a U.S. population of 350 million by the year 2000.

I searched for this snippet and found it – at this site-


“this great country which in the short space of 30 years ago had only 130 million people within its borders and by the year 2000 will have 350 million people…”

I at first thought, gee, JFK was only off by 50 million or so. Then, it occurred to me: Roe v. Wade was after Kennedy’s reign. JFK may have been spot-on.

Part II has some calculations…


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2 responses to “JFK acurately predicted: 50 million dead by abortion by year 2000

  1. Hah, a pro-life democrat, they should put you in a zoo exhibit. Hell, I’m a bona fide pro-life socialist, maybe they should put me in there too.

    • thelastdemocrat

      Pro-life socialist: it seems like there are two strains in socialism. One concerns the exploitation stuff, trying to avoid negatives of exploitative financial arrangements, but the other is an intellectual striving for a utopia, where brainiacs can define and control all social ills — a lot like B.F. Skinner’s “Walden II.” –A utopia novel available probably anywhere used books are sold. Skinner takes rudimentary knowledge that a wide variety of habits, preferences, and aversions can be conditioned through classical or operant conditioning, and adds the idea that we become who we are by the happenstance cumulative effects of the conditioning randomly encountered in unplanned life, and decides that utopia would be to structure and plan those conditioning experiences in order to maximize happiness, etc.

      “Beyond Freedom And Dignity” (BFD)explains all of this, but Walden II expresses it in a novel.

      A great deal of socialism – but not all – reminds me of Skinner’s BFD idea: control everything. One way to control society is by determining who is born and when, and aborting the rest. (Closer to “Brave New World”).

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