Cochabamba: Spanish for Ecosocialism

Cochabamba: Spanish for Ecosocialism

The “Warmers” have seemed to be a happy, postive group of plain ol’ folks saving the planet from sure disaster. But something happened along the way to total planetary economic control: first, it became apparent that there were three green movements: the color of money green branch of the green movement, led by pachauri and gore, and the green-is-the-new-red branch, led by every babied youthful middle class white revolutionary wannabe traveling to divers destinations on their parents’ amex, while touting how green they are for using only one of those cardboard slip thingies at starbucks.

The third, final, amazing thing that happened on the way to the green planet was that the mysterious, cloistered third branch, the entitiled intellectual ruling class (awaiting formal swearing-in) were shown to have developed this global catastrophe out of whole cloth, with less actual reason to panic than we had with Y2K or the planetary alignment of May 2000.

“Democracy Now” radio was excellent for seeing the money-is-my-object branch bare their teeth, with backroom deals and arrests for intent-to-riot by the pierced starbucks drinkers.

“Democracy Now” is also covering the green-is-the-fourth-marx-brother branch, where on today’s bradcast, we heard someone with a foreign accent declare that either capitalism will die or the planet will die.

For the 4-11, and to convince yourself that there is a totally red streak in this greening movement, click through some of the links lovingly gatherd here…

What to do, what to do.

Well we have kept the Cuyahoga River from catching on fire a second time, and you can breathe in Pittsburgh nowadays, without turning the globe over to totalitarian regulators, or letting capitalists run wild, or going communist.

Maybe we should figure out what worked there.

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