Boss demands femployee abort. Empowerment?

This is empowerment? NY Post story covering a sexual discrimination suit against a large employer. One employee reports that her boss urged her to get an abortion so that her work perforamance would not be impacted.

I guess the irresponsible bosses, as well as the irresponsible boyfriends, all really appreciate the care-free carte blanche for ‘boys behaving badly’ given by RvW “privacy.”

What are we dems gonna do about this?

An emerging concept is “abortion coercion:” abortions not sought under some thoughtful consideration of career prospects, the challenges of parenthood, or whatever the myth of the accepatable abortion is, but abortions influenced by coercion. A boyfriend who threatens to leave. A parent who vows to disown their daughter for bringing embarrassment to the Sunday morning society rituals.

And, now, we see yet another facet of the “choice:” employer coercion.

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