Fatherland Knows Best: Forced Sterilization in China

Of course, by “China,” I mean “Red China.”


“According to reports in the Chinese media, on 7 April the local authorities in Puning City began a special campaign to sterilise people who already have at least one child, to ensure that local birth control quotas are met. The local authorities claim that by the end of 11 April, the 20-day campaign had already met 50 per cent of its target.”

What to do? We liberals find ourselves protesting the same inhumanities that those tyrannical, oppressive Christians are opposing.

We need to get together soon and figure out why population control is wonderful, and must be systematically managed by the government, a la Ehrlich, while we oppose govt-mandated population controls, met by sterilization goals.

How else will we succeed at our dreams to control society, from womb to tomb? How will we sell this one? And what happens if someone makes the connection between our eugenics history, our sterilization history, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and our promotion of federally funded abortion clinics in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods?

We have tried here in the U.S. to control those darkies, er, excuse me, to ensure that every child is a wanted child, thru eugenics, but have experienced setbacks,  as late as early 1970s, from those pesky moralists…






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