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Another Empowerment Story: Killed because she would not abort?

“Police say Escamilla was three months’ pregnant with Avitia’s child.”

“..the boyfriend of 18-year-old Anyssia Escamilla told investigator he killed her in Fontana and put her body in a trash can.”

We know what the eventual story will be: she would not abort. So, he killed her. Wow, this “sexual liberation” and “abortion on demand” thing is really empowering!

Will he be charged with knowingly commiting the murder of two people?

Or will he have some communist lawyer come to his aid, saying he had no idea a three-month-old “fetus” was actually a living human, since California se xed has probably banned such “oppressive” hate speech?


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Commie Browner Supports Comrade

Sure, I believe this. Exactly. Uh, that totally fits the definitin of “moratorium.”

Amazing. But, what can you expect. These marxists all studied “critical” something or other in college – what is “critical whatever?” It is when some perosn who has not spent time in the real world writes a bunch of garbage that seems like it actually took some effort, plus criticises Marx’ feared trinity of Judaism/Christianity, Commerce, and or what most of us would recognize as a Family Unit.

When that garbage passes for “erudition” these people lpay with letting any kind of stuff come out of their mouths. They have lost all bearing in reality.

Browner is way up there with the best of them.

Why do I and others call Obama and his appointees a bunch of socialists? Because they are.

Here is Carol Browner’s finest moment…

But, having no backbone  or guts, she colluded to have the webpage taken down as soon as Obama wanted to nominate her.

How do so many marxists get on the short list of Obama?

If it is republicans throwing all of these accusations at democrats, I would have no interest in the matter- from that bumch of liars. But now, it is me and other regular Americans who are Democrats who are taking up the issue of these Reds cozying up to the Dem party over the last few decades, and poisoning us.

If you are so smart, and your ideas so wonderful, come right out and admit you are red.

In the meantime, they all stammer and lie and obfuscate. It is funny to them. This woman just brought in millions to her pocketbook with this little lame excuse.

“Don’t think of them as permits. Think of them as little permission slips.”

Where is the democratic party? The defenders of the environment? Bush shrugged of New Orleans, and we all had our righteous indignation. Now, we see what the real deal is: Within the Beltway, they have their own game. Thay have no concern for New Orleans. Neither party. They got theirs – tough luck.

Chavez’ competition is sputtering in the gulf!

And now they are all grinning: first the banks, then the car companies, then health care. Now oil. A great day for the International Socialists.

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Warmers Tell Investment Firms How to Do Their Job

This is going to go really well…

“Pension funds must shift more capital into low-carbon energy to drive long-term returns, British academic Nicholas Stern told Reuters Global Energy Summit, adding that a cold U.S. and European winter had sapped urgency on global warming.”

They had better, or the ponzi scheme will collapse.

This has been the scam all along –  sell “the ground floor” idea. This is how the anthropomorphic global warming cult belief has grabbed hold so strongly across many governments and institutions of higher learning – it is their bread and butter. Their retirement scheme. Their gold mine.

There is no “Oh, Darn” moment like the moment you eralize you have totally fudged up a billion-dollar pension fund for tens of thousands of hard-working, trusting employees. But this is where the global warming scam is going.

The United Nations has a branch called “UNPRI”  = principles for responsible investment. Their job is to run around the world and convince various large investors that these investors should invest heavily in “green” markets – such as carbon exchange markets and futures. A huge amount has already been theown into these investment funds.

Look at the chart on page 19 of this UNPRI 2009 publication:

It tells you the portion of “environmental, social, and governmental” (ESG) organization investment that has been thrown in line with the U.N.’s green principles. Governmental. Yes, govt employee pensions will collapse with the AGW scam, and collapse with the carbon market collapse. These dollars have all been thrown in on the belief that the AGW scam was real. A story made up by hucksters.

Now you know why so many people are fighting the sceptiks’ exposures of the faulty, deceptive science: if enough people lose faith, the ponzi scheme collapses.

You never knew the UN had this investment-pushing scam?

You never knew the UN was working to tell countries across the globe how to manage their pensions? Throwing around those faked-data charts, and pictures of pathetic polar bears?

Michael Moore forgot to tell you? Al Gore forgot to tell you he leads the  biggest of these investment firms?

Now you know. Time to put your money in a coffee can and bury it in the back yard. Cuz the U.N is coming after your pension.

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Obama Forges New Digital Divide at HBC

Quite unbelievable. Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

So much for the trumped-up charges of the “Digital Divide” being the next tool of the white opressors. Next NASA project: the “truthmeter.”

So much for the power of free speech. Just like I have said before: if you are a democrat, you can handle the Constitution; if you want revolution and to usher in an age of Marxtopia, then you will have to control information.

Let’s face it: the most obvious trick in any totalitarian’s book is to control information. Take over the radio stations. Appoint acceptable people to the media. Verify acceptability of all utterances. Thus far, Obama has made some moves in this direction. But he recognizes that it will be devilishly difficult to contrl the new media: huge social networks on the internet. Twitter providing near-real-time coverage of everything from the way Tiger Wood’s wife’s handles the nibbler to coverage of open rebellion in Iran.

Cell phones that play the internet. The internet working like an international cell phone. Pocket size gizmos that do even more.

This is quite a challenge if you want to control what people think, so that they cannot discover the truth, such as things like: your father is really Frank Marshall, or that each and every abortion kills a human being, or that you were an active, founding member of “New Party.”

Listen to the soundbite. For shame. A politician telling a host of gaduating African-Americans: stick to your mix tapes and public radio stations. Lest you listen to the vast, burgeoning array of media and discover that you have been played.

Lest you google “socialism” and “Black Liberaton Theology.”  Lest you discover that the international communists came over, looked for real people with real problems, and acted like a bunch of ambulance chasers, and took your community for a ride.

Here, a college kid provides a more clear picture than Wikipedia is able to muster…

Think for yourself. Read. Study. Before Obama and Cass Sunstein proceed with plans to filter all media. Sunstein’s arguments are in line with Obama’s words, here – the media is too cacaphonous fpr a democracy to work, and so the gov’t needs to give you a little bit of each idea, in measure.

People, that is not freedom. That was the plot of Farenheit 451.

What is it that Obama does not want you to hear?

Is it time to get your ham radio license? Fortunately, a barrier to this digital divide has been dropped: now us HAVE-NOTs can get a license without having to pass the Morse Code Poll Tax. Power to the People!!

Put your ears on. Stay tuned.

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Kent State: Retrospectives ignore Marxist Origin

Out of respect for the dead, and fully acknowledging a deadly abuse of power, I still feel motivated to add one bit of truth / data / reality regarding the Kent State shootings. We need to include this info in our matrix of knowldge because if not we will have to listen to someone quote Santayana.

The marxists developed the trouble that led to the Kent State shootings. Plain and simple.

Kent State, itself, holds this info…

If you are a democrat, or claim to be, I hope that you, little by little, begin to wonder what the hekc has happened to this party, and why do we hold so many contrary views, and why must we feel compelled to shout down decent, honest, earnest debate.

Because we have been co-opted. you have not noticed. Each tmie you looked, the attention was pulled the other way.

Kent State was a terrible example. Kent State is a great place, a great school I have been taught by one of their profs, and this prof was admirably notable.

The VN war was, if ever we have known this about a war, a politicla circumstance played largely for strategic political value, and almost in passing for the list of reasons that might make war valid. If it was valid, it was not fought validly. Valiently, yes. Validly, no. I have talked to scores of VN vets, and am eternally honored to learn what it means to be an American, a soldier, and a man. but also to hear the reality of war from those who were the war.

Oh, I have read abt the war, also. I guess since the early 80s reading this or that.

In this retrospective view, it can be claimed that the war was “unjust.” I got it. I will not argue.

Should the Kent State protesters have been fired upon?

No. Not by any stretch.

Was this a case of some enlightened students speaking truth to power?


Were international socialist marxists using the opportunity to pursue their goals in the USA, regardles of specific circumstances? Yes.

The media, and history books, and monuments, etc., will mention ALL of this EXCEPT: the revolutionary-goal-motivated “Students for a Democratic Society” develped the whole thing. This is how they used to work, and how they work today: piggy-back on someone else’s problem, fuel it, “organize” it, spin it, so it ultimately leads the unknowing populace to a conclusions: not that communism is great, but that the capitalists pigs are oppressive, and we need hope and change – never mind who fed you that soundbite.

ourprogramistobuildthe revolutionarymovement

ourprogramistobuildthe revolutionarymovement

All of this was happening at Kent State, as it continues today. notably, the socialists continue to gain great achievement through the democratic party. Things have gone so well that nowadays, you can actually hear some of the commuists revealing their true identity. By more than wearing the Che t-shirt.

This is a notable strain of United States history. At the Kent State 40, did you hear ANYTHING about these marxists stirring things up for three days BEFOER the shootings?

Were these people even students at Kent? Yes, or no? That answer is out ther for you.  However, the question, a question of infiltration by anti-American, pro-communist revolutionary actors, receives ZERO mention.

Speak truth to power. Go study your history. You don’t have to agree with me. All you have to do is be honest about your own principles, and then go study, honestly, for yourself, whether these views have any merit or not.

Was the communist-philosophy SDS instrumetnal in provoking the National Guard to come to Kent State, afte SDS cut fire hoses then set fire to the ROTC building?

Was it them, or plain old Constituion-loving Americans?

Go.  Read. Question. Think for yourself. Read for yourself. Decide for yourself.

What is WRONG with developing your OWN jaunt into historical inquiry?

You will be called names?  Is that what you fear? You won’t fit in at Demo fundraiser parties? Is that what you fear? Hey, now is a great time. The elected power hierarchy of the democratic party is about to get rocked, in case you have not noticed lately.

You have not noticed because you have been too busy calling your opponent “racists” and “conspiracy theorists,” instwad of you figuring out what the hekc has happened, and are we about to get swept out in a manner to make 1994 look like batting practice.

The power of the democratic party has largely been co-opted. Learn. Speak truth to power. Click that Kent State link.

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