Obama Forges New Digital Divide at HBC



Quite unbelievable. Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

So much for the trumped-up charges of the “Digital Divide” being the next tool of the white opressors. Next NASA project: the “truthmeter.”

So much for the power of free speech. Just like I have said before: if you are a democrat, you can handle the Constitution; if you want revolution and to usher in an age of Marxtopia, then you will have to control information.

Let’s face it: the most obvious trick in any totalitarian’s book is to control information. Take over the radio stations. Appoint acceptable people to the media. Verify acceptability of all utterances. Thus far, Obama has made some moves in this direction. But he recognizes that it will be devilishly difficult to contrl the new media: huge social networks on the internet. Twitter providing near-real-time coverage of everything from the way Tiger Wood’s wife’s handles the nibbler to coverage of open rebellion in Iran.

Cell phones that play the internet. The internet working like an international cell phone. Pocket size gizmos that do even more.

This is quite a challenge if you want to control what people think, so that they cannot discover the truth, such as things like: your father is really Frank Marshall, or that each and every abortion kills a human being, or that you were an active, founding member of “New Party.”

Listen to the soundbite. For shame. A politician telling a host of gaduating African-Americans: stick to your mix tapes and public radio stations. Lest you listen to the vast, burgeoning array of media and discover that you have been played.

Lest you google “socialism” and “Black Liberaton Theology.”  Lest you discover that the international communists came over, looked for real people with real problems, and acted like a bunch of ambulance chasers, and took your community for a ride.

Here, a college kid provides a more clear picture than Wikipedia is able to muster…


Think for yourself. Read. Study. Before Obama and Cass Sunstein proceed with plans to filter all media. Sunstein’s arguments are in line with Obama’s words, here – the media is too cacaphonous fpr a democracy to work, and so the gov’t needs to give you a little bit of each idea, in measure.

People, that is not freedom. That was the plot of Farenheit 451.

What is it that Obama does not want you to hear?

Is it time to get your ham radio license? Fortunately, a barrier to this digital divide has been dropped: now us HAVE-NOTs can get a license without having to pass the Morse Code Poll Tax. Power to the People!!


Put your ears on. Stay tuned.


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