Commie Browner Supports Comrade

Sure, I believe this. Exactly. Uh, that totally fits the definitin of “moratorium.”

Amazing. But, what can you expect. These marxists all studied “critical” something or other in college – what is “critical whatever?” It is when some perosn who has not spent time in the real world writes a bunch of garbage that seems like it actually took some effort, plus criticises Marx’ feared trinity of Judaism/Christianity, Commerce, and or what most of us would recognize as a Family Unit.

When that garbage passes for “erudition” these people lpay with letting any kind of stuff come out of their mouths. They have lost all bearing in reality.

Browner is way up there with the best of them.

Why do I and others call Obama and his appointees a bunch of socialists? Because they are.

Here is Carol Browner’s finest moment…

But, having no backbone  or guts, she colluded to have the webpage taken down as soon as Obama wanted to nominate her.

How do so many marxists get on the short list of Obama?

If it is republicans throwing all of these accusations at democrats, I would have no interest in the matter- from that bumch of liars. But now, it is me and other regular Americans who are Democrats who are taking up the issue of these Reds cozying up to the Dem party over the last few decades, and poisoning us.

If you are so smart, and your ideas so wonderful, come right out and admit you are red.

In the meantime, they all stammer and lie and obfuscate. It is funny to them. This woman just brought in millions to her pocketbook with this little lame excuse.

“Don’t think of them as permits. Think of them as little permission slips.”

Where is the democratic party? The defenders of the environment? Bush shrugged of New Orleans, and we all had our righteous indignation. Now, we see what the real deal is: Within the Beltway, they have their own game. Thay have no concern for New Orleans. Neither party. They got theirs – tough luck.

Chavez’ competition is sputtering in the gulf!

And now they are all grinning: first the banks, then the car companies, then health care. Now oil. A great day for the International Socialists.


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