Warmers Tell Investment Firms How to Do Their Job

This is going to go really well…

“Pension funds must shift more capital into low-carbon energy to drive long-term returns, British academic Nicholas Stern told Reuters Global Energy Summit, adding that a cold U.S. and European winter had sapped urgency on global warming.”


They had better, or the ponzi scheme will collapse.

This has been the scam all along –  sell “the ground floor” idea. This is how the anthropomorphic global warming cult belief has grabbed hold so strongly across many governments and institutions of higher learning – it is their bread and butter. Their retirement scheme. Their gold mine.

There is no “Oh, Darn” moment like the moment you eralize you have totally fudged up a billion-dollar pension fund for tens of thousands of hard-working, trusting employees. But this is where the global warming scam is going.

The United Nations has a branch called “UNPRI”  = principles for responsible investment. Their job is to run around the world and convince various large investors that these investors should invest heavily in “green” markets – such as carbon exchange markets and futures. A huge amount has already been theown into these investment funds.

Look at the chart on page 19 of this UNPRI 2009 publication:


It tells you the portion of “environmental, social, and governmental” (ESG) organization investment that has been thrown in line with the U.N.’s green principles. Governmental. Yes, govt employee pensions will collapse with the AGW scam, and collapse with the carbon market collapse. These dollars have all been thrown in on the belief that the AGW scam was real. A story made up by hucksters.

Now you know why so many people are fighting the sceptiks’ exposures of the faulty, deceptive science: if enough people lose faith, the ponzi scheme collapses.

You never knew the UN had this investment-pushing scam?

You never knew the UN was working to tell countries across the globe how to manage their pensions? Throwing around those faked-data charts, and pictures of pathetic polar bears?

Michael Moore forgot to tell you? Al Gore forgot to tell you he leads the  biggest of these investment firms?

Now you know. Time to put your money in a coffee can and bury it in the back yard. Cuz the U.N is coming after your pension.


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