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Campus Republican Prez Voted Prez of Campus Democrats

Campus Republican Prez Voted Prez of Campus Democrats

This is awesome. The Supreme Court upholds a lawschool’s ruling that its Christian law student group cannot require student representatives to claim that they generally hold Christian principles.

Student reps are not being asked to affirm that they themselves declare they will live a certain lifestyle. doing certain things and not doing certain things. There is no request for elected position holders to permit surveillance of their behaviors, such as online browsing or dating choices.

Just a statement that you are interested in being a representative of group because you hold the same recognized set of principles.

Sure, the principles include “no sex outside of mael/female marriage.” Boo hoo.

If you don’t like this Christian groups’ interpretation of Leviticus, form your own.

Supreme Court does not see it this way.

Non-Christians, possibly including Buddhists, atheists, Shinto, and Wiccans, should properly be able to flood the annual Lawschool Democrats meeting, and vote for one of their own.

There are two solutions: the Christian group could then go off and form a new group, or the school could support the idea that people vying for leadership of a campus group organized, and essentially existing around a core handful of ideas, can enact a modest litmus test rather than be taken over by diametric opposers.

You decide.

Either way is fine.

Just beware of the corollary: the Christian students are about to sign up as members of the Campus Atheist Alliance. And the Campus Watermelon Alliance. And the Campus Buddhist Student Group.

And vote themselves into leadership.

With the blessings of the Supreme Court.


Epilogue: Am I pissed? Yes. The socialists have taken over the democratic party. No one ever vetted these communists, and asked them if they believe in the Constitution. Freedom of speech. Right to assembly. Due process. Right to arm bears. Sovereignty of the United States of America. The anagram of “sovereignty” is not “soviet.”

If you are a socialist, like the people who pushed Kent State into the tragedy it was, or promoted the recent “Palestinian” blockade-busting flotilla, designed by Obama’s ghost-writer William Ayers and Chavez-funded marxists Code Pink members, go form your own campus group, and your own political party, and get on the ballot like anyone else. you are welcome.

What is happening at Hastings has already happened to us democrats. That is why I am pissed.


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