Criers, Liars, and Deniers

Financial Post has a good commentor who has conducted a steady series of interviews with prominent, well-credentialed AGW “deniers.” This article includes a set of links to these several interviews. Turns out, the “deniers” are not crazy, or generally under-written by Big Oil. Who knew?

You will find a consistent unquestioning amongst the AGW Liars: they have a dog in the hunt. Funding for their environmental or political group. Green investment interests.

That leaves the Criers. Who are the Criers? They are us, the everyday people who had some science in high school and college, and who believe what is force-fed to us across the seemingly impartial media, from the biased interests. We. The Liars are taking advantage of the general good nature and good will of the general polity, turning us into Criers, crying for what we believe is our final desperate opportunity to save our necks from certain disaster – what the disaster is we cannot say, but we are eager for bondage in order to save ourselves from disaster, anyway.

How did we Criers get taken advantage of this way?

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