Will Get Fooled Again.

OK, the finance reform bill has gotten passed into law. YAY! We are all safe from the shenannigans of financiers!!!

But seriously: let’s wake up and figure out what is really going on.

Your Pols, Dems and Rebublicans alike, have just chumped you, again.

There are three answers here making these reforms a matter of SSDD.

1. If we had been enforcing existing laws, the financial meltdown would never have happened.

2. These financiers are a fwe steps ahead of the Feds when it comes to developing finance products to play the shell game – a strategy is needed to addres the shell game, not ATM fees.

3. How many pages is this bill? This thing is guaranteed to be as Gerrymandered as health care reform was. Wake up, people.

So, with these 3 points in mind: will we get back, at all, to pressing the laws already on the books? We have had working anti-trust rules for almost a century. All it would have taken is a few decisions to keep any merger from getting “too big to fail,” plus a few other assertive flexes of existing law, and we would all have been safe.

Now, what we have is a twisty path with the map given to those who hve been in the sausage-making process.


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