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End of Life issues: Respecting God or Playing God

Playing God.


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The Liberal Dream: A Static Universe. Katrina Edition.

I have jotted up a post with an idea I had: the most awesome thing we liberals dream about is a static universe. It explains a lot. We want nothing to change. Funny, how we opt for the term “progressive,” when we want things to stay the same, and how we hate anyone flying under the term “conservative.”

There used to be a marsh there. Now, there is a baseball field. Terrible! how the have’s are so elitist as to want to change nature for our version of cricket!

Oh, wait  – George Will and Ken Burns like baseball? Well, then let me note how they sometimes play football on that field! What about all of the mice that used to call that marsh home? Don’t you care?!

If you listen to our whining, you would realize we want a static universe. The sea level would never rise a millimeter, as it has at Tuvalu in the past 100 years (of course, unless the change is due to subsidence – oh, so sorry to get the story wrong!).

This Katrina reflection is more of the same. It is valuable to reflect on Katrina, especially since we failed to reflect of the Flood of 1927, and ended up with the Katrina disaster as our consequence. But the reflections do not lead to resolution or improvement, or anything else worthwhile – they are simply more whining to entrench the static-universe ethos into the general populace.

The writing is good. But increasingly we need to see the agenda being shaped by the writing.

“The sense of the loss of the past is powerful for Aesha, Joe’s longtime girlfriend, who lost her apartment as a result of Katrina. Five years ago, when I first talked to her about it, she saw it as the defining moment in her life, a moment that she could only imagine being in — not beyond. Now, she marks time as before or after, but at the same time feels trapped by the storm’s effects. Long after the storm, we’re still living with it. In this sense, Hurricane Katrina hasn’t ended.”

I will try to get the static universe post up soon.

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More PP accounting problems. This time FW

More PP accounting problems. This time, in Fort Worth. Campaign contributions not being noted correctly. Of course, all an innocent mistake.

Hey, how does an organization that serves people who generally don’t pay have so much money to lobby?

Answer: it is a money-laundering scheme. PP trumps up a bunch of charges (now proven that various PP over-bill the gov’t), which gives them a war chest for funding like-minded candidates.

Those like-minded candidates then maintain and improve the paths for PP to bill for services, such as was done with healthcare reform.

When these candidates do that, they have guaranteed an organization out there that is sure to turn around and fund the next campaign.

So, the money comes from tax payers to PP, then goes in a circle from PP to its fan base among our elected officials in the form of campaign $upport.

The recent rash of accounting / finance problems in various PPs will continue to illuminate how this money laundering has been working, and has developed across recnt decades.

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Essay even better than Title: “Progressives Against Progress”

From City Journal magazine, an essay, “Progressives Against Progress.”

Notably identified a few key trends that have been played out upon progressives, including noting the disdain for the middle class.

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More bad financial news for PP: now, New Jersey.

Last year, it was El Paso. Improper accounting led to the closing of the Planned Parenthood clinics in El Paso, Texas.

Then, the news came out a couple months ago that national PP could not, in their financials, account for well over a billion BBB billion in taxpayer money.

Then, the last couple weeks, PP in the san Francisco area was cut loose from the national organization. Ow! that hurts! for financial shennanigans – including ripping off the state govt, which translates into: taxpayer money.

Now, New Jersey PP is getting a light shining on them.

New Jersey Right to Life

Contact:  Marie Tasy, Executive Director, 732 562 0562

PRESS RELEASE   August 13, 2010


That link may not work for too long, but you can search on the title and probably come up with the story.

Big challengesd for PP. This will hurt the money-laundering scam we democrats have had with PP for decades. We get in govt, then approve a health care financial system that brings money to PP – way more money than the work it takes to deliver the healthcare – then PP turns and contributes the money back to our campaign coffers.

We liberals are big on open govt, so we really cannot blow a fuse about this one – the only way to handle it is to make someone be a fall guy.

PP is nearly entirely dependent upon taxpayer funding. Who with private ins or their own wealth is going to PP? Suer, a handful of ppl. But look where the clinics are located.

And look at the money the prochoice lobby spends…

Enter “pro-choice” in OpenCongress’ search dealie thingie.

Something is funny here. where do these hundreds of thousands come from?

A business that cannot make money is a major campaign contributor. You add it up.

I have no ide who is putting the soptlight on these various PP organizations, but with this funny math, the national organization is just gonna have to keep cutting each of the various groups off one by one to save their won national neck.

Boo-hoo-hoo. Now, you know how the baby feels in the womb with that vacuum tube chasing it around. Shame on us. We democrats are so awefully high-horse about how we look out for the little guy, the voiceless. Shame.

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Eerily Familiar: Somali History

To point out the eerily familiar description of a socialist regime in Somalia, and the current socialist efforts of the”democrats” currentlt experimenting with the boundaries of toelrability and sensibility here in the United States, I have to reveal one of my awesome free music sites.

But the parallel is too compelling.

I have some websites where I go for free or very low cost music. I hate to share the info because I fear that somehow the great deal will end if too many people find out about these sites. Probably will never happen – people generally will not dig something unless it is certified as “good, ” whether good or not, by someone with more influence than me. Such as ClearChannel.

So, here it is: a blog reflecting upon the realm of well-aged African music. On one post, a contributor comments on a record of praise to the new communist dictator, Mohammad Siad Barre, who popped up in 1969.

As you review the notes, keep in mind the way that Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Michael Copps, and the rest of our socialist adminsitration is striving to “provide content” so we all think the “right” things.

A sample: “They had initially a progressive agenda and rhetoric based on justice, socio-economic development, equal opportunities for all, specially for women and minorities etc. The political discourse was pregnant with noble promises and the expectations were high. Gutted by the corruption and nepotism rampant during the preceding civilian governments, many Somalis were enthusiastic about the new ‘revolutionary course’ and many artists lauded Siad Barre’s initial goodwill and positive intentions. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before oppression, fear and mutual distrust were all the midwife could announce to the parturient crowds.

“The artists on this series were all members of Waaberi, the house-band of the Ministry of Information and National Guidance. The name says it all: Propaganda and indoctrination! It was a large troupe with hundreds of members embracing dramaturgy, folklore dance and music.

“It seems the ones on this album were carefully selected to rally support for the military regime. They were among the most popular in that period and, equally or maybe even more important, they came from practically all regions and clans. Their incipient stance in favour of the military regime, as depicted in these songs, may be genuine, fake, forced … or all three at the same time, as dictatorial schizo-paranoia has its unfathomable ways. However, poet and playwright Sangub (composer of “Soomalida Maanta” & “Midab Gumeysi Diida”) is to my knowledge the only one in this bunch who never disavowed Siad Barre’s atrocities. That’s why he’s strongly despised across the board, notwithstanding his impressive and diverse body of literary work. The other protagonists in this album spoke their mind in subsequent songs and were, along with many others, arrested and/or exiled.”

Eerie. Prescient.


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Becoming a Superhero, One Victim At A Time


Becoming a Superhero, One Victim At A Time

 Most of us have our childhood superheros. Cartoon characters and comic book heros. Protagonists from our favorite novels. We could not get enough of them. We admired them. What did we admire about them? They were helpign people. They were solving problems. They were fighting the bad guys. They were rescuing the helpless

Part of the hero worship was that we “identified” with them. Not directly, but with reflection, each of us can probably admit: if I had those superpowers, I would do great things, just like my hero. It is only a step to: “I want to be like my hero.” It is only another step to: “If only given the opportunity, it would, or will, be obvious that I am that hero.”

And so, we have our little ideas about being superman, or whomever, when we grow up. As time goes by, and we mature a little, we get more sophisticated, less simple. I want to be a veterinarian and help animals. I want to be a nurse and help people. I want to be a doctor and help people. I want to be a fireman and rescue people.

These all combine altruism with another aspect: exceptionalism. Being head-and-shoulders above others. Striving to be awesome.

As we mature more, we figure out that we are not so exceptional. We cannot actually fly. We do not discern some unrecognizable connection between clues and solve a crime. We do not discover radioactivity or Saturn or the New World, or bacteria. We do not throw a no-hitter.

If we do, we have matured to the point that we recognize that we are exceptional one one thing or acouple thigs, but we are just human, and not altogether head-and-shoulders above others. Partly by being humbled, but also by discovering that our heros are not altogether perfect.

What a disappointment.

We still keep a modified form of our dream. Those experiences are how we actually become humble and altruistic, and end up accomplishing things that are exceptional. but we have seen that we will nto be heros, saving people from certain disaster, or fending off the bad guys from the helpless good guys.


There is a way to be a superhero.

Look back through this essay, up to this point. Figure out what the requirements are for being a hero. Being exceptional. Maybe you can be a superhero. Maybe you can actually fulfill the secret desire of your youth.

What does it take? Bad guys. Helpless victims. And your intervention.

This is a big split between the rank and file American members of the democratic party and the communists.

You are welcome. I have told you how to spot the marxists infiltrating our party, co-opting it, weakening it, living off of it as parasites. They are parasites. They use my infrastructure, my donations, my volunteer workforce, my good name, and so on.

Being a superhero.

Bad guys.

when we hear the congresspeople speak, they may have strong disagreements, but the cool thing is that they are always respectful of each other. You don’t call someone an ass. You say, “The honorable congressperson from [whatever state] is a horse’s ass.” And only when you have the floor. you never yell out, “You lie!” That would be a breach of protocol drawing scorn.

But off the Senate floor, is the respect sustained?

The socialists draw their opposition to be “bad guys.” I borrow money from a bank under my own free will, but the bank is “evil.” Bad guys. I patronize big business, but I always define them as “the enemy.” Racists. Neanderthals.

This is not disputing differnt views of how to ensure the health of the populace, or maintain creative incentives while protecting the environment

This is about bad guys.

Now, you need victims. You could go find victims, but it is easier to make victims to suit your unique superhero abilities. So, who can we make into victims? Anyone. This is easy. The one thing marxists are good at doing is defining victims for you to go save.

The whales. The oppressed. The women. The minorities. The employed. The unemployed. The underemployed. The overworked. The part-time employed. The seasonally employed. The illegally employed. The newly hired. The employed-with-seniority. The single employed. the married employed. The cannot-be-married-and-be-covered-by-insurance employed.

The homeowners. The renters. The homeless.

If they do not readily acknowledge that they are victims, you still can use them as victims. They don’t actually have to know.

When the superhero saves Earth from a killer asteroid, not all of us know that we were, moments ago, about to be victims. It only matters that the superhero was able to be exceptional and altrustic.

But, you cannot fly. What are your special powers? You believe your intelligence, your critical mind, and your altrusim combime to give you virtuous knowledge. You know the solutions to save the victims from the bad guys. This is your superpower.

You feel self-righteous about having the right view of the situation, and what to do about it.

Usually, the solution is some effort that can be achieved by hampering or compromising some group of people in order to rescue the victims. This is your superpower.

Actually lifing a hammer is one thing. Actually donating your own money is one thing Those are not your superpowers. Those are the unrecognized superpowers of others. your superhero ability is the ability to recognize the victims on the verge of disaster, to inform everyone else, and dirct them regarding what to do. no, you may not be able to drive a nail, or diagnose foot-in-mouth disease.

But you can recognize the victims on the verge of disaster, to inform everyone else, and dirct them regarding what to do.

Being a superhero is awesome. Some say it is impossible. But all you have to do is invent the problem, and invent the victims. The solution is already there – the solution is your superpower.

Now you understand the puzzle of why there are so many lesbians active in the pro-choice movement.

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