Harvard Law Causes Global Warming

Harvard Law Causes Global Warming
Finally, the truth comes out: Harvard Law Causes Global Warming.

Look at this NYT “Economix” blog. It charts the rise of the prevalence of Hahvahd and Yale Yaley law school grads on the Supreme Court, as SCOTUS.

Now, look at this bit of data: rise is Co2.

Go to this website, and click on the “greenhouse gases” selection…

Do you notice anything?

Yes, there is an amazing coincidence: more Harvard Law School grads on the Supreme Court, the more Anthropogenic Global Warming we get.

I think the answer is clear.

We liberals love Harvard Law. Why? Those intellectual elites can argue anything. And they are socialists, like us. Oops, did I just say that out loud? What I meant to say was: They are generally Democrats. Yes. And they respect the Constitution.

But, now we need to decide: do we love having Hahvahd Law professors with no stake in reality on the Supreme Court, or do we want to save the planet from certain destruction?

As always, when faced with such contradictions, we will simply deny thesy exist by calling our accusers “racists.” [Man, I am so sad “fah-cist” went out of style – I used to love labeling some one “fahh-shist.]


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