Juxtopposition 02: Billions in gov’t money missing.

We lefties are flipping out because the government has thrown BILLIONS at a cause that we  were instructed by Command Central to OPPOSE:


In brief: billions have been taken from Iraq oil revenue, intended for “reconstruction,” and have disappeared. No one knows where 9B is.

So, all of us Code-Pinkos are flipping out.

At the SAME TIME, no one bats an eye over this one:


Nearly TWO BILLION given to Planned Parenthood in about the same span of years from the same source – my pocket, AKA federal funding, is wholly un-accounted-for. And no bullets were flying, and nothing was lost in translation or exchange rates.

We liberals go nuts about 9B but we don’t blink an eye about 2B?

PP has not thrown out the complete financials for a couple years. This does not bode well for PP, but may be awesome news for the beneficiaries: all of our fellow Americans who stand to be able to be born if PP is thwarted to any degree.

Come on, Democrats! Let’s get fired-up! What if PP failed to do what we really want with that money? Pretend like we don’t mind the color of “Who’s Coming to Dinner,” as long as they are not admitted to our Hahvahd training grounds!? [http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/05/nyregion/05hunter.html?_r=1&hp] and as long as “they” believe our rhetoric and keep killing themselves off?

That 2B could have paid for a lot of those darkies to abort! Let’s see – hmm, where was that formula I got from Nancy Pelosi and CA Family-PACT — oh, here it is: at roughly $500/abortion, 2B would have funded, um,… carry the nine,..Four Million abortions!

That would have been roughly 2,000,000 females! And if Kinsey was right, guessing that ninety percent of the population is opposite-sex-attraction, then 200,000 lebanese women!

And since African Americans are only 3/20 of the pop, but seek 8/20 of the abortions in US, that 4 million abortions would have taken care of 160,000 children who we, along with Ruth Bader Ginsburg [http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/184407/ruth-bader-ginsburg-sotomayor-and-abortion-undesired-populations/ed-whelan] believe would be difficult to adopt-out and would probably wind up on welfare and/or in the criminal justive system!

We Democrats really need to consider this juxaposition. Sure, the 9B bothers me. But what happened to the 2B that was supposed to go form a more desirable society?

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