Juxtoppositions 01

Another interesting juxtaposition from us liberals…do we support
Constitutional freedom generally, or only when it matches our specific
political beliefs?

“Amid National Media Blitz, Chicago Drops Charges Against First ‘Bubble Zone’
Arrestee Joe Holland.”

“Mayor Bloomberg, Council Speaker Christine Quinn and 10 religious leaders of various faiths journeyed to Governors Island this afternoon to show their support for the proposed mosque and community center at the World Trade Center site.”


So, in case you have not gotten the memo by now…NO! Not the message from Michelle asking you to sign Borack’s birthday card…the memo that we are supposed to now label as racist anyone who believes it is distasteful for a Muslim community to have the b@lls to build a mosque right at the site of the event that is either regarded as the Muslim world’s crowning achievement OR most regretable unfortunate occurrence.

Racist. We get attacked by religious zealots at one of our national symbols, and we are racists.

So, it makes no matter that the site happens to be politically sensitive, and might hurt the sensibilities of a geat portion of the populace. There is no “geographic bubble” for you.

A geographic-proximity argument – no, you cannot deny these people the opportunity to build here simply for your political views. It is just space. No bubble.

At the same time, the bubble burst in Chicago. The geographic bubble. The inverse of the other geographic bubble. If anti-abortion protesters are bothering the business at an abortion clinic, through the time-honored, well-trodden manner of standing in public space and holding placards, well, there should be a bubble. A geographic bubble. For these political sensibilities to be protected.

Don’t you see the difference?

Uh, yeah. I see thought police. Hypocrites.


It is time to ask yourself: are you an American Democrat, with your party-related views on how we can all live under the Constitution in this great country? Or are you an international socialist, with a desire to bring down the present society by fomenting division wherever you get the chance?

Look, just admit it. Get your friends together and call your party the Democratic Socialist Party. It is no big deal. You will feel better once you just come out and admit it. You will have a whole loving community of support. Just get the flip out of my party.


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