More bad financial news for PP: now, New Jersey.

Last year, it was El Paso. Improper accounting led to the closing of the Planned Parenthood clinics in El Paso, Texas.

Then, the news came out a couple months ago that national PP could not, in their financials, account for well over a billion BBB billion in taxpayer money.

Then, the last couple weeks, PP in the san Francisco area was cut loose from the national organization. Ow! that hurts! for financial shennanigans – including ripping off the state govt, which translates into: taxpayer money.

Now, New Jersey PP is getting a light shining on them.

New Jersey Right to Life

Contact:  Marie Tasy, Executive Director, 732 562 0562

PRESS RELEASE   August 13, 2010


That link may not work for too long, but you can search on the title and probably come up with the story.

Big challengesd for PP. This will hurt the money-laundering scam we democrats have had with PP for decades. We get in govt, then approve a health care financial system that brings money to PP – way more money than the work it takes to deliver the healthcare – then PP turns and contributes the money back to our campaign coffers.

We liberals are big on open govt, so we really cannot blow a fuse about this one – the only way to handle it is to make someone be a fall guy.

PP is nearly entirely dependent upon taxpayer funding. Who with private ins or their own wealth is going to PP? Suer, a handful of ppl. But look where the clinics are located.

And look at the money the prochoice lobby spends…

Enter “pro-choice” in OpenCongress’ search dealie thingie.

Something is funny here. where do these hundreds of thousands come from?

A business that cannot make money is a major campaign contributor. You add it up.

I have no ide who is putting the soptlight on these various PP organizations, but with this funny math, the national organization is just gonna have to keep cutting each of the various groups off one by one to save their won national neck.

Boo-hoo-hoo. Now, you know how the baby feels in the womb with that vacuum tube chasing it around. Shame on us. We democrats are so awefully high-horse about how we look out for the little guy, the voiceless. Shame.

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