More PP accounting problems. This time FW

More PP accounting problems. This time, in Fort Worth. Campaign contributions not being noted correctly. Of course, all an innocent mistake.

Hey, how does an organization that serves people who generally don’t pay have so much money to lobby?

Answer: it is a money-laundering scheme. PP trumps up a bunch of charges (now proven that various PP over-bill the gov’t), which gives them a war chest for funding like-minded candidates.

Those like-minded candidates then maintain and improve the paths for PP to bill for services, such as was done with healthcare reform.

When these candidates do that, they have guaranteed an organization out there that is sure to turn around and fund the next campaign.

So, the money comes from tax payers to PP, then goes in a circle from PP to its fan base among our elected officials in the form of campaign $upport.

The recent rash of accounting / finance problems in various PPs will continue to illuminate how this money laundering has been working, and has developed across recnt decades.

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