The Liberal Dream: A Static Universe. Katrina Edition.

I have jotted up a post with an idea I had: the most awesome thing we liberals dream about is a static universe. It explains a lot. We want nothing to change. Funny, how we opt for the term “progressive,” when we want things to stay the same, and how we hate anyone flying under the term “conservative.”

There used to be a marsh there. Now, there is a baseball field. Terrible! how the have’s are so elitist as to want to change nature for our version of cricket!

Oh, wait  – George Will and Ken Burns like baseball? Well, then let me note how they sometimes play football on that field! What about all of the mice that used to call that marsh home? Don’t you care?!

If you listen to our whining, you would realize we want a static universe. The sea level would never rise a millimeter, as it has at Tuvalu in the past 100 years (of course, unless the change is due to subsidence – oh, so sorry to get the story wrong!).

This Katrina reflection is more of the same. It is valuable to reflect on Katrina, especially since we failed to reflect of the Flood of 1927, and ended up with the Katrina disaster as our consequence. But the reflections do not lead to resolution or improvement, or anything else worthwhile – they are simply more whining to entrench the static-universe ethos into the general populace.

The writing is good. But increasingly we need to see the agenda being shaped by the writing.

“The sense of the loss of the past is powerful for Aesha, Joe’s longtime girlfriend, who lost her apartment as a result of Katrina. Five years ago, when I first talked to her about it, she saw it as the defining moment in her life, a moment that she could only imagine being in — not beyond. Now, she marks time as before or after, but at the same time feels trapped by the storm’s effects. Long after the storm, we’re still living with it. In this sense, Hurricane Katrina hasn’t ended.”

I will try to get the static universe post up soon.


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