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Human rights: Inalienable, or By Mood of the Powerful?

Generally, we democrats have traditionally held the value toward human rights that is in accordance with the Founding Fathers: we each have inalienable rights, and a problem of government is infringment on those rights, and we should work to have these inalienable rights protected through government.

The idea is that we should all have these rights automatically; we don’t have to do anything to get them or earn them, and they are not granted from any one or any part of government.

If you yourself do not believe this, that is fine. But hit the books and go figure out that you are out of step with the USA. You will have to ignore or evade this concept to set up a one world government utopia where you get to decide who gets to live, when we die, and so on.

A current controversy in the media, the blog-fest regarding whether a pregnant couple should abort their baby or not, by your web-vote, is an illustration. In case you have not heard, the couple is, to be gracious, “immature.” Yes: vote on whether they should go abort their baby by their local legal 2nd trimester deadline, December 9.

They attracted attention, then got more for possibly setting up a fake contest: some said they never intended to abort at all, and are simply looking for attention, like the balloon-boy family.

This couple apparently did not thnik things through very far in advance, other than getting the ‘birthornot” web domain before conceiving this current baby (there have been previous conceptions).

The guy apparently is pro-life / pro-inalienable human rights. His blushing bride is apparently pro-second-trimester abortion. Here is how she believes human rights should be doled out to this little one who, by her, is acknowledged to be alive, and be a “baby:”

”Even though my husband’s opinions and beliefs matter to me, I, as the one carrying the baby have (sic) the final say about my body and our unborn child.”

So: the woman acknowledges a difficult decision to make, and acknowledges being ambivalent as she progresses in the 17th week of pregnancy.

Wow, this would be scary if you were held in prison, perhpas at the 17th week of detention with no lawyer and so on, awaiting a possible death sentence, and hoping that some totalitarian with power over you might grant due process, rather than simply extinguish your life right then and there.

why is it OK to treat a not-yet-born baby this way? Because, as we humans have done with other human rights issues, we figure out how to define the powerless as less-than-human, and largely act this way because the down-trodden have – get this – a lack of power.

Human rights are not just for the powerful. They are also for  the powerless.

In the old days, most any democrat would come up with their own version of this belief. This includes ted Kennedy before he went pro-abortion in his quest for more power.

Nowadays, “we” have developed a whole set of lingo to try to offset something so obvious: “right to bodily integrity,” “viability,” “every child wanted, and the rest for the dumpster.”

Pathetic. As those who once were democrats, who have gone socialist, proceed to usher in their one-world government proletariat utopia, you had just better hope the mood swings of the self-avowed “dictatorship” [page 3, here: ] don’t get ya.

don’t get ya.


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This Thanksgiving, Prez, Not Turkey, Looking for Leniency

Ah, what a quaint tradition! Each year, some turkey receives a pardon from the President to not be the White House Thanksgiving dinner.

This year is different. Somehow, the eligibility issue has moved to the level of the Supreme Court. Today, Nov. 23, 2010. Go check the news archives, and puzzle over why, on this date, no one in the media has covered the story of this president’s undoing.

If this link works for you, what it indicates is that the supremes, today, actually looked at and considered a writ of certiorari / a request to hear a claim in court. Or try this link…

Apparently, if writ is granted, the case would be heard by Supreme court or a federal trial counrt will review merits of the case.

Pretty much any case can be chicked at any level by an appropriate court. This has happened often with these leigibility claims. This process has actually been funny to watch, as so many authoritative bodies have argued that they are not theones to judge eligibility claims. The buck stops here was Truman’s phrase, indicating a get-‘er-done attitude that a leader must have. Well, now, the buck stops with the one being accused of funny business – so now, where does the buck stop? thus far, this issue has been side-stepped and passed around like a hot potato.

potatoe. Ahh, ha-ha-ha!! How we loved making fun of Dan Quail! Ah, the good ol’ days! Back when I was under the impression that it was just good-natured humor, not our leading defense as democrats.

And what a convergence. It is becoming increasingly apparent, from events in many dimensions, that the presidency is above Obama’s pay grade. He has just caused a huge smack-down in the mid-term elections. North Korea has now conducted outright acts of war twice upon South Korea. “George Bush” is becoming a weaker excuse for the weak economy as time post-bush goes by. And the election sweep has brought in conservative state legislatures with at least THREE well-placed to put a state-ballot-eligibility law on the books.

What real job has this guy had, where he has had to actually perform, and be accountable? The ice cream shop.

I have been a “community organizer,” and gone door to door in plenty of neighborhoods. That is not real, accountble work. I have served on committees where things have been brought to me to review, and give a yay-or-nay vote. In the span of one meeting, I have seen many multi-million dollar questions, and given my yay-or-nay vote. Honestly, it took and opinion, and brain-power, but no one came around and demanded I measure up to some performance level – it was assumed that I had the capability by those who put me in the position. I would not call that genuine accountable work.

I have had to develop and stick to budgets – that is work. I have had to fulfill a contract – that is work. I have had problems and emergencies presented to me, and have had to act and guide, and I would say that is work. I have had to meet sales projections – that is work. I have had to develop strategies and plans and work to get them implemented- that is work.

The pres has not had to ‘work,’ despite his admiration of the proletariat class, except for his gig at the ice cream store.

And we set him in charge of the nation.

He is ready to step back out. He cannot hang.

So, now, if only he can find a face-saving way to get out, he can avoid having it be shown that he was never eligible in the first place.

Today’s writ will take away some of the step-down scenarios, and force him to determine a definitive path. And to history, it will always appear that he stepped down right after the legal wheel were set in motion to decently evaluate his eligibility.

What is the alternative? If the prez, or someone, somehow takes jurisdiction away from the SC, then his re-election would also require that at least one state’s prez eligibility law be judged “unconstitutional,” or otherwise inapplicable.

Directly stunting one direction of challenge might simply look like the law working its way through an issue. Remember OJ, and how we all accepted “jury nullification” upon learning that it was yet another twist of the legal stream of events. Directly stunting two direct legal challenges will pretty much make him look guilty for all of posterior, whether or not it has legal surfeit.

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Actual Rachel / Benjamin story; Pro-Choicers Should Bookmark

“Woman warned she’d die if she didn’t have an abortion loses fight for life 13 months after having baby she’d dreamed of.”

The “pro-choicers” really don;t have any good arguments, but are always recycling the same, lame, worthless propaganda. we have all heard about how pro-life policy would doom millions of adult women to certain death. “What about in the cases of the life or health of the mother?”

Most of the time, we brainless, kneejerk, got-the-memo, drank-the-koolaid liberals parrot this if we get the chance, yet never for one cracking minute think things through, or bother with actual truth.

It is just plain foolish to have abortion-on-demand-at-the-drive-through because sometimes a mom might actually have her life threatened by delivery. “We” weepy, conscientious democrats wail about how millions of adult women will die if those moralists get their way.

Well, bookmark this news story. The fabled black-swan story finally came true: a mom died due to health problems exacerbated by delivery.

A true Rachel story.

Every person you have ever known named “Benjamin” has the Biblical Benjamin as name-sake inspiration. One of the twelve tribes exists because it flowed from Benjamin. Every time you read “Benjamin” in the bible, it is because of Benjamin.

Darn. If only the doctors and pro-choicers had been there, this legacy of Benjamin would never have occurred. Benjamin’s mom, Rachel, died in childbirth.

Just like the woman in this story. Who was awesome enough to figure out the equation:

“Either I perform a likely sacrifice of myself, and I finally get the child I dreamed of for years, and my husband and family get a new family member, or the baby dies for sure, and I continue my life, iff=y as it is.”

“Someone is gonna die. Me or my baby.”

To the pro-choicers, this one is easy: kill the baby.

Normal people might comment, “Gee, what a dilemma; I need to ponder this a minute.”

Our common lore says, “I would do anything for my children.”

Would we? Many of us parents declare that we would die for our child. our default answer. Yet, the default answer of the pro-lifers is, “No; abort while you can, and please hand over the $500. Our director has a $300,000 annual salary.”

A solid year of life with your baby.

Hey, we are all gonna die anyway. Let’s not hurry it up.

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Chomsky Not A Dem; Let’s Quit Pretending.

OK, follow the link, and follow reason. Noam Chomsky has a political philosophy and a political party. You may or may not share ideas and values with him. But he is not a democrat.

At the link, he lets you know. He tells you.

“Since the Democrats are in power, they bear the brunt of the revulsion over our current socioeconomic and political situation.”

We have some overlapping ideals, values, and beliefs with the socialists. Not a big deal. But we have fundamental differences.

These are being used against you. Not me, because I figured out that I, as a politically involved person, was being used. If you want to keep being a tool of these subversives, go ahead.

If you want to keep avoiding this reality, when these communists themselves are already on record as being marxists, fine. But you run the risk of helping them run this country into the trashheap like the other communist countries. It may happen. But at least I was not leaning on  the throttle.

If you simply don’t get it, then go back to college days, and pretend a polysci (“science”?) prof has just placed a classic final “compare and contrast” essay in front of you. And pretend the questions is: “Compare and Contrast the values, philosophy, and goals of the American Democratic Party and the International Socialist Party. Open Book.”

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More financial trouble for PP. This time, NW Washington state

More money laundering. This is how a health care provider that serves people with little or no money is able  to be a huge political donor: money laundering.

They buy the pill at some super-low price, then deliver, and bill govt at full market price. Great work if you can get it.

“SPOKANE, Wash. —The state and Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest have settled a 2009 dispute involving some claims billed to the Medicaid program.

The settlement calls for a $345,000 payment by Planned Parenthood to the state. The original audit estimated the improper payments at $629,143 over a 3-year period, and Planned Parenthood appealed. The settlement implied no admission of incorrect billing, documentation or payment.

The findings were based on 333 procedures performed from March 2004 to February 2007. The Spokane-based family planning and abortion provider received over $7.6 million Medicaid in that period.

Medicaid provides health care for low-income residents.”

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Double Trouble

Post-Election thought:

Obama came out and declared, maybe we did the right things, but in the wrong way.

Duh. Like forcing health care reform thru when no one had read the millions of perks and how the $2/month abortion-support tax was in there?

So, Obama has apologized. Will all of the rabid “democrats” with their race-baiting now apologize to me and other critics for calling us ignorant, scared racists?

Oh well, I don’t expect much.

I am glad the “democrat” party really got the smack-down. Maybe we are far more safe from cap-and-trade, and maybe there is a chance that healthcare reform will be repealed. (I doubt any republicans actually have the grapes to push for this, but the public opinion polls are giving a green light).

We democrats can learn now, or later. we can give up socialism now, and force the socialists to go form a democratic socialist party. Oh, sorry, no offense, yes I realize there alerady is a U.S.A. Dem Soc party – but for real – take Obama and Mikulski and Jackson Lee and Reid and these other congresspersons and force them to make their own race-baiting redistribute-the-wealth hand-out party.

We won’t. We should have. We should have listened to pro-life dems, and 2nd amendment dems, and AGW skeptic dems. Now, we are really gonna pay.

Because the redistricting is about to kick in. The dem party is jacked up for the next decade. It will take a lot of laundering of money through the unions to counter-act the shift that will happen at redistricting.

When you get punished, you really need to learn the lesson. Or else you will get punished again.

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