Double Trouble

Post-Election thought:

Obama came out and declared, maybe we did the right things, but in the wrong way.

Duh. Like forcing health care reform thru when no one had read the millions of perks and how the $2/month abortion-support tax was in there?

So, Obama has apologized. Will all of the rabid “democrats” with their race-baiting now apologize to me and other critics for calling us ignorant, scared racists?

Oh well, I don’t expect much.

I am glad the “democrat” party really got the smack-down. Maybe we are far more safe from cap-and-trade, and maybe there is a chance that healthcare reform will be repealed. (I doubt any republicans actually have the grapes to push for this, but the public opinion polls are giving a green light).

We democrats can learn now, or later. we can give up socialism now, and force the socialists to go form a democratic socialist party. Oh, sorry, no offense, yes I realize there alerady is a U.S.A. Dem Soc party – but for real – take Obama and Mikulski and Jackson Lee and Reid and these other congresspersons and force them to make their own race-baiting redistribute-the-wealth hand-out party.

We won’t. We should have. We should have listened to pro-life dems, and 2nd amendment dems, and AGW skeptic dems. Now, we are really gonna pay.

Because the redistricting is about to kick in. The dem party is jacked up for the next decade. It will take a lot of laundering of money through the unions to counter-act the shift that will happen at redistricting.

When you get punished, you really need to learn the lesson. Or else you will get punished again.


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