More financial trouble for PP. This time, NW Washington state

More money laundering. This is how a health care provider that serves people with little or no money is able  to be a huge political donor: money laundering.

They buy the pill at some super-low price, then deliver, and bill govt at full market price. Great work if you can get it.

“SPOKANE, Wash. —The state and Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest have settled a 2009 dispute involving some claims billed to the Medicaid program.

The settlement calls for a $345,000 payment by Planned Parenthood to the state. The original audit estimated the improper payments at $629,143 over a 3-year period, and Planned Parenthood appealed. The settlement implied no admission of incorrect billing, documentation or payment.

The findings were based on 333 procedures performed from March 2004 to February 2007. The Spokane-based family planning and abortion provider received over $7.6 million Medicaid in that period.

Medicaid provides health care for low-income residents.”


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