Actual Rachel / Benjamin story; Pro-Choicers Should Bookmark

“Woman warned she’d die if she didn’t have an abortion loses fight for life 13 months after having baby she’d dreamed of.”

The “pro-choicers” really don;t have any good arguments, but are always recycling the same, lame, worthless propaganda. we have all heard about how pro-life policy would doom millions of adult women to certain death. “What about in the cases of the life or health of the mother?”

Most of the time, we brainless, kneejerk, got-the-memo, drank-the-koolaid liberals parrot this if we get the chance, yet never for one cracking minute think things through, or bother with actual truth.

It is just plain foolish to have abortion-on-demand-at-the-drive-through because sometimes a mom might actually have her life threatened by delivery. “We” weepy, conscientious democrats wail about how millions of adult women will die if those moralists get their way.

Well, bookmark this news story. The fabled black-swan story finally came true: a mom died due to health problems exacerbated by delivery.

A true Rachel story.

Every person you have ever known named “Benjamin” has the Biblical Benjamin as name-sake inspiration. One of the twelve tribes exists because it flowed from Benjamin. Every time you read “Benjamin” in the bible, it is because of Benjamin.

Darn. If only the doctors and pro-choicers had been there, this legacy of Benjamin would never have occurred. Benjamin’s mom, Rachel, died in childbirth.

Just like the woman in this story. Who was awesome enough to figure out the equation:

“Either I perform a likely sacrifice of myself, and I finally get the child I dreamed of for years, and my husband and family get a new family member, or the baby dies for sure, and I continue my life, iff=y as it is.”

“Someone is gonna die. Me or my baby.”

To the pro-choicers, this one is easy: kill the baby.

Normal people might comment, “Gee, what a dilemma; I need to ponder this a minute.”

Our common lore says, “I would do anything for my children.”

Would we? Many of us parents declare that we would die for our child. our default answer. Yet, the default answer of the pro-lifers is, “No; abort while you can, and please hand over the $500. Our director has a $300,000 annual salary.”

A solid year of life with your baby.

Hey, we are all gonna die anyway. Let’s not hurry it up.

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One response to “Actual Rachel / Benjamin story; Pro-Choicers Should Bookmark

  1. Rarian Rakista

    How is it really a choice when universal health care, social welfare and paid maternity leave are non existent? For many women the decision to abort is an economic one, that is the most horrifying aspect of it. This is from a pro-life socialist.

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