Chomsky Not A Dem; Let’s Quit Pretending.

OK, follow the link, and follow reason. Noam Chomsky has a political philosophy and a political party. You may or may not share ideas and values with him. But he is not a democrat.

At the link, he lets you know. He tells you.

“Since the Democrats are in power, they bear the brunt of the revulsion over our current socioeconomic and political situation.”

We have some overlapping ideals, values, and beliefs with the socialists. Not a big deal. But we have fundamental differences.

These are being used against you. Not me, because I figured out that I, as a politically involved person, was being used. If you want to keep being a tool of these subversives, go ahead.

If you want to keep avoiding this reality, when these communists themselves are already on record as being marxists, fine. But you run the risk of helping them run this country into the trashheap like the other communist countries. It may happen. But at least I was not leaning on  the throttle.

If you simply don’t get it, then go back to college days, and pretend a polysci (“science”?) prof has just placed a classic final “compare and contrast” essay in front of you. And pretend the questions is: “Compare and Contrast the values, philosophy, and goals of the American Democratic Party and the International Socialist Party. Open Book.”

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