This Thanksgiving, Prez, Not Turkey, Looking for Leniency

Ah, what a quaint tradition! Each year, some turkey receives a pardon from the President to not be the White House Thanksgiving dinner.

This year is different. Somehow, the eligibility issue has moved to the level of the Supreme Court. Today, Nov. 23, 2010. Go check the news archives, and puzzle over why, on this date, no one in the media has covered the story of this president’s undoing.

If this link works for you, what it indicates is that the supremes, today, actually looked at and considered a writ of certiorari / a request to hear a claim in court. Or try this link…

Apparently, if writ is granted, the case would be heard by Supreme court or a federal trial counrt will review merits of the case.

Pretty much any case can be chicked at any level by an appropriate court. This has happened often with these leigibility claims. This process has actually been funny to watch, as so many authoritative bodies have argued that they are not theones to judge eligibility claims. The buck stops here was Truman’s phrase, indicating a get-‘er-done attitude that a leader must have. Well, now, the buck stops with the one being accused of funny business – so now, where does the buck stop? thus far, this issue has been side-stepped and passed around like a hot potato.

potatoe. Ahh, ha-ha-ha!! How we loved making fun of Dan Quail! Ah, the good ol’ days! Back when I was under the impression that it was just good-natured humor, not our leading defense as democrats.

And what a convergence. It is becoming increasingly apparent, from events in many dimensions, that the presidency is above Obama’s pay grade. He has just caused a huge smack-down in the mid-term elections. North Korea has now conducted outright acts of war twice upon South Korea. “George Bush” is becoming a weaker excuse for the weak economy as time post-bush goes by. And the election sweep has brought in conservative state legislatures with at least THREE well-placed to put a state-ballot-eligibility law on the books.

What real job has this guy had, where he has had to actually perform, and be accountable? The ice cream shop.

I have been a “community organizer,” and gone door to door in plenty of neighborhoods. That is not real, accountble work. I have served on committees where things have been brought to me to review, and give a yay-or-nay vote. In the span of one meeting, I have seen many multi-million dollar questions, and given my yay-or-nay vote. Honestly, it took and opinion, and brain-power, but no one came around and demanded I measure up to some performance level – it was assumed that I had the capability by those who put me in the position. I would not call that genuine accountable work.

I have had to develop and stick to budgets – that is work. I have had to fulfill a contract – that is work. I have had problems and emergencies presented to me, and have had to act and guide, and I would say that is work. I have had to meet sales projections – that is work. I have had to develop strategies and plans and work to get them implemented- that is work.

The pres has not had to ‘work,’ despite his admiration of the proletariat class, except for his gig at the ice cream store.

And we set him in charge of the nation.

He is ready to step back out. He cannot hang.

So, now, if only he can find a face-saving way to get out, he can avoid having it be shown that he was never eligible in the first place.

Today’s writ will take away some of the step-down scenarios, and force him to determine a definitive path. And to history, it will always appear that he stepped down right after the legal wheel were set in motion to decently evaluate his eligibility.

What is the alternative? If the prez, or someone, somehow takes jurisdiction away from the SC, then his re-election would also require that at least one state’s prez eligibility law be judged “unconstitutional,” or otherwise inapplicable.

Directly stunting one direction of challenge might simply look like the law working its way through an issue. Remember OJ, and how we all accepted “jury nullification” upon learning that it was yet another twist of the legal stream of events. Directly stunting two direct legal challenges will pretty much make him look guilty for all of posterior, whether or not it has legal surfeit.

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