Leading Advocates for Women’s Rights, or Capitalist Pigs?

We liberals need to have things in simple, black-or-white terms. Makes it easy. No shades of grey at all. Helps us determine our political discourse, which amounts to: name-calling. How can you figure out what name to call someone if you cannot paint with a broad brush?

So, it makes these kinds of things challenging for us to recognize.

Let’s face it: at this point, it is becoming clear that our beloved mom-and-pop shops are being swallowed up by Big Business. In case you have not been properly indoctrinated, I will fill you in: small business = virtuous, large business = evil. One of my fellow liberals – a guy who withheld my final paycheck and got slapped by the Attorney General for it, was prous to point out how he loved to patronize this little lunch counter place because it was a small business. I guess this is great because the owner of the means of production is quite close to the worker who  – er- actually “generates” the wealth when and where he or she chooses, coming and going on a whim as competing opportunities arise suffers enslavement at the droning factory, never to have a carefree day or see the sun again.

Lately, if you have been following the comings and goings of the abortion industry, you have noticed what might look like a victory for pro-lifers – who should be led by american democrats, with our focus on human rights as well as civil rights, and a focus on sticking up for the voiceless and powerless in our society, but are not because of the marxist ideals about managing society from the top-down.

The apparent victory is that many abortion clinics are closing down. A whole bunch this year. More than the bunch in San Francisco. Business must be slow! Hey, not so fast on the cheers and high-fives, you pro-lifers.

What is happening is the Walmart-ization of the abortion industry. In some cases, changing views are leading to fewer abortions. but in other locales, mom-and-pop shops (get hold of that mom and pop that fetus) are bing put out of business by Planned Parenthood.

Here is a link to a story where this was a contested issue, making this Walmart-ization apparent:


In Corpus Christi (the irony), Texas, a Planned Parenthood affiliate was being urged to begin providing abortions, as well as whatever services were being provided so that the fed govt could be over-billed, and the money generated being helpful for the local war chest re-election coffers, so that favorable legislators can benefit from the money laundering.

But the local chapter declined. They declared that there already plenty of mom-and-pop chop shops, and so this specific PP did not need to begin killing babies.

The story gives some indication of the pressure to begin aborting. Hypothetically, if the Corpus Christie Planned Parenthood (God, forgive them) site began providing abortions, the mom-and-pop chop shops would have competition. Walmart versus the local grocer / local sundry store. We liberals hate that big, mean Walmart.

Now, we don’t hate Starbucks or Pixar or Random House. Somehow, they are immune. As if they produced value and enabled a decent life in the same way as affordable groceries do.

If Corpus Christie PP began performing abortions, the mom-and-pop shops would eventually be driven out of business. PP has the machinery to buy the politiicians, so this looks pretty inevitable.

This story, and other info, readily obtainable from PP itself, note the data necessary to put the pieces together:



Nationwide, the total number of abortions is going down, while Planned Parenthood is steadily increasing the number performed per year, capturing what? another 5% of the market in the last year or two. Whose slice of the pie are they taking? The mom-and-pop-chop shops.

Planned Parenthood is doing exactly what we liberals hate Walmart for: killing smaller independent business.

So, you decide: is Planned Parenthood a Leading Advocates for Women’s Rights, or Capitalist Pigs?

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