AZ likely to require prez candidate to show birth certificate

Good night, Obama. This bill seems to have support in Arizona house and senate.


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4 responses to “AZ likely to require prez candidate to show birth certificate

  1. Rarian Rakista

    Doesn’t matter they don’t have any authority on Federal election eligibility, its in the damn Constitution and it is a right given to the Federal government not the States.

  2. thelastdemocrat

    1. What is the electoral college? (rhetorical question.)

    2. If so, why was Roger Calero on some state ballots, but not others, in 2008?

    • Rarian Rakista

      1) The electoral college says nothing about eligibility, that is not putatively under their purview, you could try to evoke it but I would imagine it would be quashed instantly in a court.

      2) Because there are only two major parties in the US which through common law legislation require arbitrary amounts of registered voters for candidates to appear on ballots which has never been sufficiently challenged.

  3. thelastdemocrat

    This is kind of non-sensical. There is no election eligibility governed at the federal level. Other than, possibly, Supreme Court rulings on constitutionality of election practices.

    States establish who can be eligible. In 2004, Roger Calero, a foreigner and a socialist, was on the ballot in most states. In 2008, somehow, he could get on the ballot in only a few states.

    If it were a federal matter to get on ballot or not, this would not have happened. Hew would either be, at the fed level, OK to be on any state’s ballot, or not. But states govern this. And a bunch are about to enact a requirement simply requiring the Constitutionally-required eligibility requirements to be documented.

    The states can do this.

    The states can also develop rules governing their electors in the electoral college. That is coordinated at the federal level.

    You can post more if you want. I probably won’t respond anymore. It is often truly a trip down the rabbit hole to discuss something ridiculusly simple and straightforward, when it is one of the issues the “democrat” party holds in blind faith.

    One thing you could post is your scenario of how Obama will be able to run for prez when these states set these bills into law.
    Will fed courts deem them unconstitutional? Will we democrats hold a massive write-in campaign? what? He simply will fail to get on the ballot in at least one state unless he decides to have Abercrombie climb in the vault again and find an actual birth certificate, not some thing printed in 2007.

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