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Dem Money-Laudering Made More Apparent

“Liberal groups, including the NAACP and the Sierra Club, are rushing to the defend of the nation’s largest abortion business after videos were released last week showing Planned Parenthood staffers helping alleged sex trafficking ring operators.”

The article does not illuminate this issue. But it shows that many of these prominent groups, generally supported emotionally by democrats (although not financially supoported – we are the stingey ones, research shows) are in cahoots. This is our party’s strategy for holding sustained power.

It works like this: first of all, everyone schemes how sustained power will be achieved. Then, we get some socialist issue or service to be federally funded. We put a democratic, American face on it, so no one figures out that this is the socialist agenda. The money goes to the organization. The organization then has, by Congress’s policy gathered a big chunk of money.

What does the money go to? It goes to support the democratic politicians who helped get the organizations set up in the first place.

So, congress institutes some service which seems like some needed service, but basically congress is setting up a policy that gives big chunks of money to political operatives of the “democratic” party.

If Planned Parenthood serves women who simply could not afford these services unless provided through federal support, then they must really be working on the margin – shoestring budget – then how can Planned Parenthood be one of the strongest political contributors? Where does that money come from? It is the money we taxpayers ostensibly gave them to deliver services.

How is it laundered? In the last few years, there have been numerous exposes showing that various Planned Parenthoods have over-billed the government. They declare this is all just an accounting error. No health care delivery businesses work this way. They just don’t. So, one of our “constituents” has Medicare, and gets a prescription for birth control pills. PP may pay just a bit for these, in a negotiated contract, but the govt gets billled at full retail. Or, instead of giving the Rx for six months of the ortho novum, you have the woman come back for a visit each month. Cha-ching.

Washington state, late 2010:

PP LA, late 2010:

PP San Diego, late 2008:

NJ PP, late 2010:

PP El Paso, mid-2009. “financial issues” soon after investigations by state Inspector General began: The second link portrays this as purely an inability to have billing cover expenses. That happens to businesses all the time. So it makes sense to wonder what they were worried the IG would discover.

Planned Parenthood, and its democratic supporters, are scared silly that the money-laundering scheme is threatened. Nation-wide coverage of bad behavior – covering up for statutory rape, and of ripping of the fed govt — is going to cost a lot of public favor and political support. Our Democratic legislators are variably gonna want a bit more money to hang by their side.

Other than abortion, the other services provided are mostly run-of-the-mill get-anywhere services. Basically, it boils down to this: STD testing and treatment, birth control pills, and any other services that can be done at any of the OB/gyns anywhere: well-woman exam, pap smear, and so on. PP’s claim is that they meet unment need. Well, as federally qualified health centers come online, this argument gets even weaker.

So, PP takes in a bunch more cash – including from federal govt – than it takes to provide the services. Established.

This is basically the MO of the rest of our hallowed hall of fame of tag-along political entities. ACORN was about the most egregious example you could think of. It was practically the same as the tax-return check-a-dollar-to-go-to-prez-campaign. ACORN’s job was to deliver votes from the self-disenfranchised — from our oh-so-needy downtrodden, oppressed constituencies who have it SO bad that – check this – they don’t even vote.

That is right, folks. Our cover story doesn’t even care. They just don’t vote. We have to drive them, pay them, cajole them, move their hand across the ballot, and so on, just to crank out the requisite number of votes to hang on to our power. We should have nominated an African American long ago, and continued since. Nope, instead we favored entrenched political entities supported by money laundered through these organizations. What organizations?

This story does not have the letter, or a complete list of signatories. But there is Sierra Club, plus likely a few others on the “anthropotomac global warming” money-laundering machine, the NAACP, on the help-the-downtrodden-and-oppressed money-laundering loop, so there may be more including ACLU and so on.

As the socialists in America grew, in the 1950s and 1960s, they identified a range of “coalitions”/issues, to work over, as an aggregate, in order to foment division in our nation. They could not flat-out declare: “We are socialists, and we want to tear apart American society to the point that Commerce/Christianity/Family hegemony is toppled, leading to revolution to create a new age of communist brotherhood.”

All of this had been developing, but got more coalesced in the 1960s. The interlocking agenda included “women’s rights”  (since women already had the vote, something had to be trumped up, so in those years, the equal-pay story emerged, and abortion as a “basic human right” emerged), environment, labor (of course), and civil rights (since great gains had been made in that time span, more issues had to be trumped up, so “affirmative action” emerges around that time, but it has taken a while to develop the whole “hate speech” thing).

How did “we” move all of this forward? In a lot of ways. A couple significant, planned, intended ways, were: getting into journalism, not to “report,” but to advance our politics (Google “JournoList” for more info); and getting into required/public education: Bill Ayers has confided this strategy in a couple places, and otherwise will nastily refute it, like other obvious truths he will refute.

So, now all of these political fields have come around and set their names on one high-profile document, Instead of pretending that all of these issues are just us democrats fighting for liberty, democracy, and human rights wherever we detect problems, it is clear that we are being fed a scripted menu of beliefs.

We are livid when anyone is skeptical of global warming, but who among us has read even ONE of the original studies regarding AGW? I have. I have read scores. That is when I formed my opinion, a couple years ago. Looking for real evidence, not nodding to the party line. Suggest that not all Tea Party members are racist: you will get vituperative venom, but no reasoned dialog. This is how the socialists need it to be, so they can continue to ride our party apparatus – so we get programmed to holler “racist,” and so on, rather than read, and think for ourselves.

“Echo chamber” – are you kidding me? A few of my my liberal colleagues declare that they “won’t” read certain websites based on their politics – uh, you just defined what it means to stick your head in the echo chamber.

So, now we see everyone all signed up on one piece of paper. I hope that helps paint the picture for you.

I seriously believe that our party has totally moved FROM its decent values and issues to a set of socialist values and issues, and because of this, has moved very much away from representing anything near a normal American constituency. We cannot get elected without our money-laundering and propped-up supporters. The political activists hold their noses when they need to yet again nominate another Christian just to appeal to normal Americans, and carry on with the charade. Just read the liberal websites and you find te venom for people practicing one religion specifically – Christianity. Buddhism – oh, cool – I meditate too, and I took a retreat on Kriya breathing last year. Wow, heavieeee. Islam – the religion of peace: we need to quit “hating” and “profiling.” (unless it comes to Napolitano informing us how to “profile” domestic terrorists – those against baby-killing, and those who have fought for the U.S.). Shinto. Fung sui. Whatever. All OK except Karl Marx’ hated Christianity. Until we nominate political candidates, or we are continuing our game with African Americans, and loving us some spirituals and gospels standards. Oh, how we weep at Amazing Grace. And Al Gore’s sudden transformation to speaking in a Black dialect when i nfront of a Black crowd – amazing. What a man of all people. His heart is so into it, he is so genuine, that even his accent changes. Yeah, right.

We could win an election if we simply got back to our old, American values of valuing freedom, liberty, and due process, for the little guy, the voiceless, the powerless, and to simply just keep the playing field level.


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