The Bluest Eye Keeps Planned Parenthood in the Pink

 I am embarrassed this has taken so long to occur to me.
I am surprised this took so long to occur to any of us.
Two well-recognized observations. Together.

We liberals fiercely nod to recognize each, Repeated, again and again, the way that epics and myths should be repeated. For rhetorical power. Nodding in fierce, self-righteous agreement. Believe me, I know. I am a liberal, with the same set of coursework, activism, and brainwashing as you. Upon hearing either, we are thrilled: finally, evidence that the universe is the way we see it: what is right, and wrongs to be righted.

Yet together, stunning. No more heads nodding. No more apparent self-righteousness. The same as powerful waves cancelling each other out.

All of this is established “science.” Our faithodoxy. So, you cannot argue. Disagreement means ex-communication. All I will do is add the word “because” between the two pieces of “science.”

And, this observation has a host of implications. If only we really cared for anything beyond preserving our self-view and our entrenched political power.

If only the marxists had not set up the business of being an American democrat to be this type of judgmentalism. If, then we could go about recignizing injustice and unfairness. Then proceed to do what we ought to do: make this a fair, decent country, with opportuity for all.

In the 1940s, a couple psychology researchers conducted a handful of studies that have ended up as bread-and-butter for psych 101, soc 101, and so on:

Black girls prefer white dolls.
Basically, this has been recently validated as a stable phenomenon, despite all of our attempts at social engineering:

Now, add that to the phenomenon that Black women abort their babies at a much greater rate than white women.

What do you get? A hypothesis that:

Generally, Black women are OK with aborting their babies because they prefer the white doll; the Black doll is not very desirable.

Compelling. The young Black girl who gains this preference in childhood, like Pecola in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, grows up with this orientation to the world. As a young adult, when convinced that sex is for fun, and has no connecitons with marriage or children, and ends up pregnant, does this view play a part in ther ease with which Planned Parenthood and the rest of our liberal hegemony can convince the young Black women to kill her baby?

It is great for business. Especially if you can get the government to pay the bill.

If you gather a group of a dozen white women about 40 years old, about four will have had an abortion. If you gather a group of a dozen Black women about 40 years old, on average they will have had 1.5 abortions each.

If you prefer to work with actual evidence, rather than spout off uninformed slogans provided to you by Party Central, start here:

I myself would not have a problem if the Black U.S. population was a whole lot more African American. I myself do not believe that people of African-origin are inherently inferior in any way compared to us white liberal elitists. Blacks ar enot more dumb, and not more lazy, and not more predisposed to crime. But I hear these views ringing out any time that the Black population is wheeled out as the poster child of victimhood. Same old stories that sound pretty much the same as SPCA appeals.

The liberal elitist marxists do have this problem. They associate Black babies with crime, hunger, poverty, and misery. That’s it. That is what you hear when you suggest decreasing or outlawing abortion: think of all of the misery – the crime – didn’t Freakonomics prove that we should encourage Black women to abort their babies?

Why is the abortion rate so markedly high in Washington DC? Because that is where we white liberal elitist

No, not quite. we carefully step-toe around it. We love Blacks as tokens to show why WE should be in charge. But does that mean we have HOPE that any African-American child should be granted their right to life so they can go pursue their right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Oh, no. Get back on the bus. Sure, we will seat you in the front of the bus. When we are giving you a ride to the polls. Otherwise, we believe all of you Blacks should be aborting your children so we can claim we cured poverty. And that religion thing? Yes, we love that old time gospel music, too. It speaks to my soul, too. Attend church? No. Love the spirituals when forced to listen to them when courting the Black vote? Love me some Jesus, then, Amen!

Cuz, you see, we “liberals” prefer the white doll, also. Hey, we have those jazz and blues CDs. And we are OK with a month. But beyond that, we prefer the white doll. Black doll = povery, crime, and a burden on our pursuit of the good life.

Explore yourself. Confirmation, apologists, armchair scientists, armchair psychologists,…but no escaping it now:

Why are Black women aborting their babies at astounding rates? Because our culture has convinced them, and continues to convince them, that Black babies are inferior  / worthless / not worth the trouble / hopelesss / poverty drains / future criminals / … YOU fill in the blank – I am trying to work with your sick “liberal” mind. Me? I have Hope for the Black doll. He might be president one day.

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